Monday, June 14, 2010

{day 165 our of 365}

You've got to be kidding me!?!?

My last post was May 27?


I'm ashamed! My life has been spinning me in circles! I wonder if I can do a one sentence summary for each day? I'm gonna try...I might throw a pic in every once and a while. We'll see.

May 28: Last day of school for H, and Heath and I went to dinner with our friends Kelly and Hank.

May 29: Bought new golf clubs and hit at the driving range.

May 30: I have no idea what we that is a good summary...Oh i think Heath worked. Shocker.

May 31:  Took the kids to the pool at the club.

June 1: H and M started swim team; my kids are little fish. H had a game, they won, BUT Hunter broke his nose (a ball hit him). This is important so it was more than one sentence. He's okay now...just to let you know!

June 2: Swimming again for M, not H. H was in pain most of the day.

June 3 My friend Jenny and her beau, Doug, flew in. We went out to eat at El Pinto and had MARVELOUS margaritas...seriously the 5 in my book, #1 in Jenny's!

June 4: H had another game, they won. We went out to eat with the Ashcrafts after the games...It's nice having new friends! H spent night with M. (So proud of H for not being scared whatsoever of the ball...even after Tuesday's debacle!)

June 5: I worked on my freelance project today; H came home from M's and CRASHED for hours!

June 6: I have no idea what we did. I'm a loser mom with no memory!

June 7: Swimming again for both kids!

June 8: And another baseball game...they won! It's almost over...Swimming of course too!

June 9: Swim team, then fun swimming, and took the dogs for the checkup...Jenny and Doug back into town!

June 10: H's first swim meet! So proud. He placed 5th, 3rd, and 3rd. Not bad for his first ever with only 3 practices! (not sure about this 7 am thing tho)

June 11:  I finally got my hair colored! It was not pretty! And, "Happy Hour" with other swim team parents!

June 12: H's final baseball game of the season...and, wait for it....he hit a HOME RUN!!! 3-run HR! Down the Right Field baseline! Heath and I were screaming like weirdos! SO proud! Also, the team party was at our house. Boys swam, parents visited. It was a great year for the CUBBIES! They came in 1st in regular season AND won the post season tourney!

June 13: H went on his first flight today....ALONE! He's meeting my inlaws in San Antonio for a special vacay just with them! Here he is with my FIL--thank God my MIL took this with her iPhone and texted it to me!!

Day 165 June 14 {2010} Happy Birthday Holly! That's for my SIL...they are in Orlando right now! Today, I finished up the prototype I was working, took M to swim team, had some of M's friends over for a small swim party, and made pulled pork sammies....and didn't take one picture. Maybe I should do that!