Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday {Mar 1 2010}

Here is this week's menu! I so hope you enjoyed last week's. I've had some good responses to it! LOL

Monday {3/1/10} Sirloin Kebabs With Peaches and Peppers
Tuesday {3/2/10} Lasagna
Wednesday {3/3/10} Soft Tacos
Thursday {3/4/20} Out to eat or order Pizza
Friday {3/5/10} ???? not positive, but maybe Pizza Burgers
Saturday {3/6/10} Tomato Basil Soup and Dirty Toe Salad
Sunday {3/7/10} Pork Tenderloin (same as last week. My DH wants me to make it for his parents (how embarrassing, I had the wrong link last week! But, this is the right one!!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VANESSA and TRACEY!

Dirty Toe Salad
head of romaine
slivered almonds (roasted in a pan)
parm cheese, shredded or out of bottle
Caesar dressing (not the creamy kind, you can find a vinaigrette)

mix all together (can add bacon too, but my DH doesn't like it.)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

{day 58 out of 365}

I have the goal of posting every day, but once a week is about as good as it gets! LOL!

Day 53 Feb 22 {2010} Madysen and I went to Alfred Angelo to try on flower girl dresses. But, since it didn't open until 11, we had to waste time by doing some window shopping at the other stores at ABQ Uptown: Pottery Barn, Gymboree, etc. She loves dressing up, and as I don't want to post all the dresses she tried on, this is the one that she liked the most. And, Amber & Chris agreed that if she liked it the best, then she could have it...more on that later!

I can't really remember much more about Monday. I think I designed a little, and I cooked dinner. Here Heath and Hunter were working on homework...Madysen was sitting in front of the fire dressed up like a fairy. Lovely! LOL! The Pork Tenderloin was absolutely awesome! The salsa was a bit spicy. i'll leave out the chilies and jalapenos next time, but Heath LOVED it! I've never cooked anything out of Cooking Light we didn't love!

Day 54 Feb 23 {2010} M went to school today. I came home and designed the rest of my March mini kit. I think I might have watched curling too. I'm having issues remembering everything I did! Sad. Oh well...I know for dinner I made Taco Soup. H doesn't like it, and since he didn't want to eat it all I told him he had to do the dishes for me! And, he agreed to! LOL! So, here is a picture of him doing his first load of dishes. Funny enough, I had just put the leftovers into a baggie so I could freeze it for later. As I was taking this picture, the baggie fell off the counter and totally spilled all over the floor!!! OMGoodness, just my luck. So, it motivated me to sweep and mop the great room. It looks much better!
Day 55 Feb 24 {2010} M and I went to order her dress today. She was super excited. We got it in Ivory with a pool colored sash. I even got it on sale...very nice! Today H got out early. We came home and waited for the guys to deliver our new benches! They are seriously so cool. I haven't finished putting up the art around the bench in the hall, but when i do, I'll take a picture and show everyone. SO cool! guess what else? I watched hockey. I know nothing about it, but to prove my addiction to the Olympics, I watched it. wow. Oh, I spent 2 hours cleaning M's room today. gag.

Day 56 Feb 54 {2010} I was getting my nails done today when the school called that H wasn't feeling well. I had to leave early (no polish) to go pick him up. now it's Saturday night, and I still have no polish. I'm not feeling well again. Heath thinks I might have an infection in my lymph node in my neck. I get super tired super easy and just feel puny! Thank goodness it was a crockpot meal today!
M has been really into playing with her dolls. When I put her to bed, she'd put them on the other twin in her room. They were all asleep. She told me they were exhausted b/c they'd been skiing all day. awesome.

Day 57 Feb 26 {2010} Friday finally! Heath doesn't work tonight and i don't have to cook! I scheduled today as our night out. but, I don't want to get ahead of myself. I released my new March mini kit today. Then I spent a couple of hours surfing the net, various blogs and forums. Good times. Then, I went to get our friends, Sean and Tyann, a baby gift. They had a new boy, Carter, this week. I wanted to go to a movie after, but i was just too tired. So, I went home, laid in bed, and read a book. Then, while Heath took H to the batting cages, I read and talked to my big sister.
I was so excited to go out tonight. We decided on the Melting Pot. I thought the kids would enjoy it there, but when we got there, the wait was 90 minutes. Yeah, our family doesn't wait that long for food. So, out we pulled our iPhone! I searched "restaurant" on my map app and found "the Frontier" (a restaurant Dr. and Mrs. Morrison told us to eat at). We headed toward this Albuquerque staple. It was good. We all decided to eat breakfast. They had great ambiance and good sweet rolls. After, we came home, I finished the last two chapters of my book, the kids put themselves to bed, and Heath and I watched our dvred Olympics. Good times.

Day 58 Feb 27 {2010} Heath woke up with the stomach flu, M woke up with a sore throat, and I just barely woke up! LOL! At 10, I got out of bed and took the kids to grab some breakfast. No skiing for the family today, obviously! H had baseball tryouts, he did great. Then, we came home, watched Baylor beat OU. WOO HOO! And, watched CNN, praying no tsunami would hit Hawaii. And, I've given Heath permission to move into my office, on the condition, that I get to decorate how I want. I want it visually pleasing for me! I'm awful!
Now we are eating supper and watching the Olympics! GO USA!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday {Feb 22, 2010}

So, I'm starting a new kind of post, Menu Plan Monday! (See post below for more details.)

Monday: Pork Tenderloin from Cooking Light Healthy Summer Grilling
Tuesday: Taco Soup
Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday: Beef tips and rice
Friday: out to eat
Saturday: Sweet and Sour Chicken Stir Fry
Sunday: Spaghetti

And some recipes you might be interested in

Taco Soup
1 pound ground beef/turkey, cooked and drained
1 can pinto beans, drained
1 can corn or hominy, drained
1 can diced tomatoes
1 package Hidden Valley Ranch powder mix
1 package taco seasoning
2 c water
(can also add 1 can rotel)

Cook meat, drain, add Ranch and taco packages, combine. then, dump the rest and stir. Heat until hot, serve with tortilla chips!

Chicken Pot Pie
1 package of refrigerated pie crusts
1 lg can of chicken breasts
1 can mixed vegetables
1 can crm of chicken or potato
1/4 c milk

mix last 4 ingredients. Put pie crusts into pie pan. Then, pour soup mixture. Cook according to pie box instructions

Beef tips and Rice
1-1/2 to 2 lbs of stew meat or beef tips (can also use duck)
1 can crm of mushroom soup
1 package of onion soup mix
*Optional, small can of mushrooms

mix all in a crock pot. cook on low for 6 hours. Serve with cooked rice!

{day 52 out of 365}

I'm watching the Olympics...of course, I'm watching them. that's all I stinking do! good news is kitchen has been clean for 4 days...and I've cooked at home during those times! LOL! It's easier to keep my kitchen cleaned when I can watch the Olympics while doing the dishes! ha! now back to my P365...

Day 49 Feb 18 {2010} I took the kids to school, then back home for me. I did a little catching up on the net and paying bills. that's fun huh? Then, heath and I grabbed some lunch and ran a couple of errands. I got a new cute iPhone cover. This one is soft, my others had been hard and kept breaking. Apparently i drop my phone tons!
Later that afternoon, the weather was beautiful, like 50s, that we went out back and played some baseball. H's tryouts are coming up, so Heath and H will start playing a little daily! I took advantage to clean up the backyard a little, rearranging the furniture that was left for us by the previous owner. I got excited today about Summer. We are going to spend the entire thing outside at the pool!

Later Thursday night, after I cooked Saucy Skillet Pasta (I'll post the recipe another time.), I played on the web and when reading my online friend, Krisi's blog, found some great blogs with weekly/monthly menus. I've always tried to do a weekly menu for my grocery shopping and so I don't just say, "Let's go out, I can't find anything to cook!" (More about this later!)

Day 50 Feb 19 {2010} Friday morning, I woke up early and made cinnamon toast. Looking at this picture, I might need some now...except I'm outta bread. YUM! I loved it as a little girl when mom made cinnamon toast. such a comfort food!
Friday...what did I do. Oh! A few weeks back, I'd booked a spa day with my friend Kelly. We did that Ladies Night Out...remember? So, today was our appt! I had a salt scrub and a massage...and guess how much it was? $35!!! R U kidding me? it was great. After, we got the kids and went to Chick Fil A for lunch. They played for like 2 hours! Great place for a mommy! Then on to Target for a few things before picking up H from school! Friday night, I made quiche, bacon, and biscuits for dinner, and we watched the Olympics while Heath went to work.

Day 51 Feb 20 {2010} I told Heath today that I couldn't believe it was the 20th! February is almost OVER! Anyway, Heath got home from work, and we left immediately for Santa Fe. the kids went to ski school. I dropped Heath off at a fly shop for a swap meet, and after dropping the kids off, I met him at REI. I bought a cute new pair of pants for Italy. They can be rolled up capris or long pants. They should be great! Then, we decided to shop around and found a new furniture shop near the Plaza, El Paso Import Company! And, we FOUND TONS of stuff that we fell in love with. According to HGTV's style quiz that we took long ago, I am of an eclectic style...and this purchase totally shows it. We found the coolest bench for our hall!!! Look!

It's from the 1800s in Romania. it was dowry chest! OMGoodness, awesome, and COOL! And a relatively great deal! The manager said it had been there for a while and everyone loved it, but didn't have anywhere to put it b/c it's so long. It had been waiting for us! Plus, they knocked off a couple hundred b/c it'd been there so long! I LOVE it! They deliver it this week. so I'll get it on here when it's in it's place!
We picked up the kids, and the snow was seriously falling! Pizza delivery for dinner, then heath crashed since he hadn't slept all day and I watched, you guessed it, the Olympics! About 11:30, I got super sick to my tummy and took some meds. (Which knocked me out until nearly noon today!)

Day 52 Feb 21 {2010} like I said, I slept till noon. What's up with that, but it was awesome. We all went to lunch at Pei Wei. I'm so excited my kids like Asian food, seriously! Then onto the state fairgrounds. There was a home show we wanted to go to. It wasn't great, but okay. We took H to buy a new glove, then on home. I clean a little tonight, cooked mac and cheese for supper, and then worked out. So, an elliptical machine, doesn't work too well with a healing ankle. I got through one mile, but was just in too much pain to keep going. If I can get a couple of workouts this week, that'll be good. I need to lose about 10 pounds before Italy, or at least that's my goal! I'm also wanting to do the Wii Fit this week. I wonder if that will be better for my ankle.
Tonight, I've been working on my menu. Through Krisi's blog, I found Controlling my Chaos. She has a Monthly Menu entry. I used this idea to plan my menu through then end of march! Here is my picture with my cook books and grid!

So, then I made a spread sheet in Excel (love me a spreadsheet!) I have my grid on the first worksheet, then the second is a calendar with the menu for the month. And, then, next to that, I put my weekly grocery list. So now, i have grocery lists through the end of March! I'm so excited about that! take a look!

My next post will be my Menu Plan Monday! It's the menu for the week. My goal is to start doing this every week! I'm not sure about how it works with recipe. I want to post them, but can I post recipes that are in a book? I'm worried about the copy right laws. I guess I'll try to find out! Until next time...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

{day 48 out of 365} the catch up post

Okay, so I've completely neglected this blog! Maybe I've even been neglecting my life! LOL! Not really, but we've been sick, I've been watching the Olympics, and the fam went to Crested Butte over the holiday weekend. I just didn't get here, but I've written notes to myself so I could catch up! LOL!
So to catch up (and even with pictures!)
day 33 Feb 2 {2010} I cleaned the house all day long getting ready to leave for my trip to Dallas. (don't tell heath, but I also went shopping just a little bit!) Brianna came over to meet the kids since she'd babysit while I was gone.

day 34 Feb 3 {2010} Wednesday is a short day for H at school. So, when he got home, I made him paint his Boxville office box! While he did that, I used my Slice to make his sign. I've had my Slice for a long while, but this was the first I used it. It's super cool too! I ordered pizza for dinner, and while we ate, the family watched the Baylor basketball game. A bit after halftime, I left for the airport. Mom and Molly picked me up at Love Field. Fun times ahead!

day 35 Feb 4 {2010} We woke up around 8 am. Pretty good for 3 women in a hotel room! HA! Breakfast was at one of my favorite spots: The Original Pancake and I got our favorite: Potato Pancakes! YUM!!!!! We then went to the World Trade Center in Dallas for our fact finding mission! Heath and I have a new house...and it needs some furniture, big time! In a couple of months, we'll start buying furniture, but I needed to get an idea as to what I wanted and where to get it. Since both Mom and Molly have stores, we can get much of what we need for wholesale prices. Yippy!!! Here is a COOL buffet I found for the dining room...which has NO furniture in it! LOL! How beautiful is this!
After eating no lunch, we headed to north Dallas to eat at Three Forks, and was it super yummy!! After that, we headed back to the hotel for Grey's and Private Practice. In addition, I tried to help Mom out with her iPhone and Molly with her computer in general. I hope I helped a little!

day 36 Feb 5 {2010} Breakfast at Market Diner, our waiter totally made it the BEST time, seriously! He was awesome, made me laugh several times! Then, back to our furniture mission. I found the fabric, the coolest fabric ever, for either my couch or a chair in my room and make my room match it. not sure which yet! In addition, I found the funkiest, funnest, coolest, most comfy chair ever....
Mom and Molly left, I took a nap and waited for my older sister to come and meet me for the night. When Robyn got there, we grabbed a cab and headed to Pappasitos!!! The BEST Tex-mex restaurant ever! After some massive fajitas and a pitcher of margaritas later...we crashed at the hotel! Here is the pic our waitress took of us! (We look a little alike huh?)

day 37 Feb 6 {2010} Robyn and I went back to Original Pancake House for Potato Pancakes. Seriously, I love these things. Then, she took me to the airport, and i headed on home. I got home and the family watched the Bears again...altho I can't remember who they played...I think A&M...I think we lost.

day 38 Feb 7 {2010} Super Bowl Sunday!!! I sat around in my pjs all day, seriously. Good stuff! We were invited to Anna's house for a party. We left around 3:30, stopping by the pharmacy getting meds. I have the adult version of hand, foot and mouth...with blisters all in my mouth...OUCH! And, also, i have a sinus infection. Not good.
We had a great time at the party. We played a "grid" with the other 15 people. Guess who won $60 at the end of the game? yip, not me, not heath...H WON!!! Here is his proud pic!
Good times. We loved the game. I love Peyton Manning, but was rooting for the Saints. I LOVE Drew Brees and am SO excited they won. It is so great for NOLA. I love that city. We've been a few times and am so happy for them!

day 39 Feb 8 {2010} SICK! Seriously. I took no pictures, did nothing. I laid on the couch and watched HGTV and took naps. That is sad.

day 40 Feb 9 {2010} After taking the kids, I get the oil changed on my Durango...yeah over 1000 miles late! And, I'm still SICK, but feeling slightly better. I did a little designing today. Then, went back to the couch! LOL! Oh, but most important...Heath and I booked our dream vacation to Italy!!! WOO HOO!!! It's a goal we've had since we were in college! First it was after college, but we were super poor. then after medical school...we were even more poor with two kids! So, now after residency, Heath promised to take me to see the Sistine Chapel. It's my goal in life. Anyway, I am PUMPED that we are going at the end of April. It's essentially a birthday present for me in April!

day 41 Feb 10 {2010} feeling better. Today I'm not sure what I did! LOL! I think some laundry, the dishes (maybe). I also sent a request to the Vatican for a tour of the Necropolis. My inlaws went on this private tour (hard to get a ticket to) and said it was their favorite. So, I sent in a request. I'm still being lazy and forgot pictures again! LOL! (Watched Baylor beat proud of my basketball team!)

day 42 Feb 11 {2010} Took kids to school and then took Heath's truck for an oil change. I have an exciting life, right? After, I went to Barnes and Nobel for some books on Italy. In addition, I bought Heath some fabulous books on clearance by his favorite authors! And, 2 for me by Meg Cabot. One of my favs! I ate lunch at Pei Wei...I have an obsession with Pad Thai! Love it! And, on to M's Valentine party at her school.

Day 43 Feb 12 {2010} I had a few errands to do before heading to crested butte. I needed to secure the valentine's presents for my kids. Not too much of an option in CB for presents! LOL! So, then I get home, finish up the packing and cleaning the house a bit, and we pack the car. We head to H's school to see Boxville. It was fun seeing their classroom community in full function! We took H out of school a bit b/c we have to drive through a canyon outside of gunnison, and I don't like doing it at night with deer and ice! After unloading the truck and letting the dogs out, we headed to eat pizza at the Secret Stash. YUM! While waiting, we played a game of Candy Land, H won. I discovered a new pizza...Tahoe Blue. It has Blue Cheese dressing, bacon, chicken, tomatoes. OMGoodness, and I mean GOODNESS! Then, we went home to watch the opening ceremonies of the OLYMPICS! woo HOO!!

*I totally forgot! When taking M and my suitcases to the basement of the cabin, I totally twisted my ankle and fell. I hurt it bad, it's been a while since I hurt my ankle like this. Heath thinks I might have come close to tearing a ligament. oh yeah. i can't walk.

day 44 Feb 13 {2010} So, my ankle was seriously swollen this morning. it's hurting to walk, bad. It hurts the most to point it! So, my plans today? nothing!!! WOO HOO! Let's see what I did while my family went skiing: watched You've Got Mail, watched the Olympics, listened to Baylor beat Mizzu, watched more Olympics, designed my little sister's wedding invitations, watched MORE Olympics, and cooked dinner! fun times! Oh, and this is heath snowplowing the driveway at the cabin! (This is my in law's cabin.) (was this the Women's Mogul night? I can't remember, but so happy for Hannah for winning Gold! And, for Apollo's silver! the luge makes me crazy nervous! I'm so sad for that young man and his family. What a tragedy!)
Day 45 Feb 14 {2010} Happy Love Day! I loved today, my family went skiing again. I did nothing, though I'm walking better, but no pivoting, etc. Still hurts. My kids are rocking the ski school gig! Seriously. H's goal? He wants to practice his "tricks" aka...jumping, etc! He is looking good! M...she amazes me! I did nothing again. Can you say OLYMPICS! he he...seriously, I love them so much! GO USA!!! (Had so much fun watching again! Yeah for Canada's first Gold! heath and I love to cheer for Canada, as one of our bestest friends, Syl, is from Canada. We cheer for her!) Oh, and I scrapped today. I got several pages of m 2009 album finished...which is a goal for myself!

Here are the kids before opening the presents! I'm sorry but we have two cuties!!! M is a ham! After this we went to eat at the Wooden Nickel. LOVE IT! Then back to watch more Olympics...though I can't remember what was when. Sad! I guess the short program in pairs, etc.

Day 46 Feb 15 {2010} Our last day in CB. Heath took the kids to ski school, but decided to come back and help with getting the house cleaned up. We didn't do much, just hung out. Then, we went to get the kids. H's instructor said he can totally do jumps, the best of his group. Awesome. I think moguls the other night inspired him. He's recently added to his career options "skiing" to his baseball dreams. I guess it could be worse! LOL! M skied her first blue today. UUUmmm, she is 4!!! And, she's a better skier than me. She told us she asked to do some jumps today, but her instructor told her that the mountain ski manager said she was too young. Ya think!?!? LOL! She's our little dare devil! Here is H skiing back down to us after he took one last run before we left.
We drove home, arriving around 10 pm. Heath and I actually stayed up to watch the Olympics. What were we thinking? Our bedtime was like 1 am! The best time? Yeah, that'd be Heath's new drinking game so that he could make it through figure skating! LOL!

Day 47 Feb 16 {2010} Okay, take a guess. you got it! I watched the Olympics all day again! I'm a loser. I'm totally unproductive. I love them and can't stop watching! Now, we also watched Baylor beat Texas Tech in basketball...woo hoo! I made homemade Tomato Basil Soup and Dirty Toe Salad (a version of a Caesar!) for supper. was SO GOOD!!! And, more Olympics last night! I think I dozed off in the middle of them, but Heath woke me for something or another!

Day 48 Feb 17 {2010} Today I finished working on Amber's wedding invites. All I need to is save them in the correct format and send them to Mom so she can get them to the printers! I did her Invites, RSVPs, and Travel Info. She's getting married in Jamaica in June! Can't wait till our little trip! Wednesday is a short day for H, and today he had a friend come home with him. After them playing for a bit (and me eating TBSoup for lunch), we went to see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. H and I are currently reading this book together, and LOVING it. The movie ROCKED! I really enjoyed it! We picked Panda Express up for dinner...yippy for drive through! Then, home for dinner and to watch the Olympics and homework.

My kids are sleepers...well, so are Heath and I. But, tonight, M came to me at 8:02 and asked if it was her bedtime yet. I was expecting a fit to stay up later when I answered yes, but instead she says...."Oh good, I'm super tired tonight mommy." Awesome. It took her one minute to get to sleep. H asked to stay up and watch the Olympics. It was downhill, short track, 1000m Speed Skating, and Snowboard Half Pipe. Of course, baby! You have an Olympic obsessed mom! He made it till 9:15....he still had 15 min till his bedtime. I asked if he wanted to go to bed; he answered no, told me to wake him up for Shaun White. So, I did. He just went to sleep! The USA rocked the medals tonight! So proud and happy for Lindsay, Shani, and Shaun! Too fun! Can't wait till tomorrow! (see I'm outta control!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

{day 32 of 365}

OMG, we are finished with one month, and I'm not doing half bad!

Catching Up:

Pics from Day 28: we built a snowman instead of sledding. it was great fun!

Day 29 Jan 29 {2010} I am not sure if I remember this day! aahh! Let's see, I'm still not feeling well, but I get everything released with my new February mini kit. Then, I sit around all day, doing nothing, seriously. Here is M, outside with her "big blankie" and snow boots trying to find the grapes we left out the day before. Apparently, she was desperate for grapes! It was COLD out there!!! Friday night, the kids and I ordered pizza and watched two more episodes of Chuck. Then, bed for us all!
Day 30 Jan 30 {2010} H, M, and Heath went to Santa Fe for their ski day. Heath got new skis and LOVES them! Even texted me to tell me! I went to get my hair cut and colored. Feel much better! I then went to sign the kids up for Little League. H will play player pitch minors while M plays TBall. Then, I drove over to the Apple Store to check out the new iMac. Wow. That's all I can say! I got home just in time to watch my Baylor Bears UPSET #6 U of Texas!!! How fun was that game! I've gotta tell you though, we should have one much bigger! I won't tell you the things I was screaming at the refs on tv. Let's just say it was good my kids were skiing!
When they got home, Heath was sick with some stomach bug, not good. I went to bed at like 9. I was tired after all that basketball. Hunter and I also watched Kansas/KState.

Day 31 Jan 31 {2010} Look at should tell you nearly everything about my day (except for the 3 hours i spent looking for a refrigerator box and that I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic--not even close to as good as the book-- and Brothers&Sisters; plus the Baylor Lady Bears)

Hunter now has the stomach bug that Heath had.

Day 32 Feb 1 {2010} Well, H still is at home with the stomach bug. As I write this, I think he's getting better. I finally found a freezer box for H's school project. It's all good, but not i have to finish it by Wednesday! He's creating a "doctor's office" as he's going to be the class doctor next week for their community simulation. I am about to wake Heath up, we need to run to Lowe's then to grab some supper. Maybe I should figure out what I'm going to make. Or, maybe we'll just grab something on the way to Lowes.