Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{day 83 of 365}

Day 83 March 23 {2010} We were lazy again today! M and I laid on the couch together watching HGTV and the Food Network. We did find some meals we want to cook though! LOL

H got off school at 12:30, as it is Wednesday. After M and I finally napped, I got up to cook supper: Goat Cheese-Topped Tarragon Chicken, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and Mac/cheese. OMGoodness, It was SO good! I even did all the dishes, including some handwashing after dinner1 I know, don't fall down! Then we watched Survivor. Heath went to get ready for work, and I went to get ready for the trip. So, I packed M. She decided that since she's be playing with her cousins she needed a princess dress and her Jasmine outfit. She's so funny! I told her that she could take whatever she wanted to take (to play with), but it had to fit in her backpack.

Anyway, as I was packing H, she did this with her suitcase...and other things she decided to take with her.Not sure why we'd need a tennis racket, but okay. It's so not going with us!

I got the kids packed, downloaded a couple of movies for the plane, and synced my iPhone. Then, crash. iPhone is pissed at me. It's taken me 2 hours and research to figure out how to restore it (it wouldn't for some reason), but I did it. And now...I haven't packed for myself! I guess I should do that now, since this day only has 2 more minutes in it officially!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{day 82 of 365}

Day 82 March 23 {2010} Exhausted.

I started allergy meds a couple of days ago, and it takes days for my body to adjust. I even cut them in half the first week, but I still need a daily nap, or two! Anyway...exhausted.

I took H to school; then M and I had to run back to the store to get cupcakes. It's her snack day to celebrate her birthday at preschool. I bought them yesterday, but last night she decided to stick her fingers in the cupcakes to taste the icing. I was not happy; Heath and H thought it hilarious, so I became not happy with them too!

I then ran to Starbucks while waiting for Sports Authority to open...lucky dog day! They were giving away free pastries! I got pumpkin bread. yum. Day is looking up! Then off to SA for new cleats for the kiddos. I came home, surfed the net, changed the laundry, and took a nap. See, I told you. I'm exhausted. It's not even noon!

This afternoon, picked H up, homework, baseball practice for 2 hours, and dinner. (Thank God for a crock pot!) Then, back to homework. H had a personal narrative due tomorrow. That plus other homework, made 6 hours total over the last two days. TOO much for my 3rd grader. I think I have an education philosophy difference with his teacher. (considering I wrote countless papers on this during my BSE, I'm pretty sure I know mine.) I'll probably tell her too when we have a conference Thursday morning. Outta control.  (Oh, other good thing? My NCAA Sweet 16 tix came by UPS today! WOO HOO!)

So, here is H at practice picture of the day. I'm sure first of many baseball pics! He is the one without a batting helmet on. He was catching. He's hoping to play catcher again this year.

Monday, March 22, 2010

{day 81 of 365}

I'm behind. I told you that once we got home I wouldn't be able to keep up!

day 78 March 19 {2010} Friday, Did I even get dressed? I don't think so! We did nothing but watch basketball. Thursday destroyed my brackets so I didn't even care and rooted for all underdogs on Friday...outside of the Big 12! We did have to run a couple of errands and then ate supper at Applebees. Then, home for us. The kids watched Princess and the Frog on the blu-ray. I played on the net, watched basketball and talked to my sister. While on the phone, I decided to go ahead an buy tickets to Houston from ABQ just in case Baylor went to the Sweet 16. I was going to wait, but the prices kept going up! Plus, Southwest would let me cancel and just credit me a flight. Mom and Robyn talked me into it. (I remembered when I found this picture that M got in serious trouble by her daddy. He put her to bed after her discipline...Belle dress and all. She had a great attitude when she woke up from her nap!)

day  79 March 20 {2010} Saturday started out surprisingly for me...

Yes, with snow in our yard, still falling even! Jeez! Thursday and Friday were so pretty, and then snow. I got up early to get my nails done. Heath and I had a date today...but that's later! We watched basketball even more. Couldn't believe the upsets! I didn't care either, as long as Baylor played well...which they did! WOO HOO! So glad I bought those tix!
So, after the game, Heath and I rushed to get ready, we got a babysitter and were headed to U of NM for Avenue Q. We ate Pei Wei, quick, cheap, good. Now, Ave Q, is not for the conservative. seriously. We aren't conservative, but not liberal either, but we did think it was HYSTERICAL! So funny. It was a good time for us to just be by ourselves! We also learned that Wicked is coming next season. We are going to buy a package of 4 seats so that the kids can go to some of the Broadway traveling shows too. I think they'll like them.  Here we are in the theatre. 

(Oh and WOO HOO, the Lady Bears won in their first game too!) After we got home, I decided I needed to go ahead and buy tickets to the Sweet 16 game, but they only sell them in a 3 game bundle. Robyn, Dad, and I decided to go for it, so I bought the tickets (for 7 family members) to watch the Baylor Bears in the Sweet 16! FUN!

day 80 March 21 {2010} Sunday...I slept in. I love my kids. They are awesome. We woke up, did some stuff around the house, then all went to breakfast and Target. We came home, I designed a bit and advised as Heath cleaned his part of office. Just basically hung out. I wasn't feeling great, my allergies/sinuses are killing me. So, I watched the Texas A&M game from my bed. Wow, great game. Sorry to my Aggie relatives that they lost. We got Whataburger for dinner, yeah, lovely I know.

I am currently working on "Flat Stanley" for my niece. Here is the picture of Sandia Peak with her flat doll. We also took pics last night for her.

day 81 March 22 {2010} Had a hard time waking up after staying up reading till 2am. Why do I do that! Stupid! Took H to school and headed to get the car washed! WOO HOO! Then M and I headed to the grocery store where we stocked up for the short week at home! I got home to check my email...and I'm so glad we decided to buy tickets on Saturday night! Baylor only has so many for fans...and those go to big donors (obvious not me). And, you can't really buy individual game tickets. I saw one place that for one game--$500!!! I only paid a little more than that for all 7 of our 3 game packages! Outta control!
What else today? Homework. I spent 3 hours this evening with H on homework...too much for a 3rd grader. wow. But, it's all good. Then, I watched the Lady Bears! Brittney Griner blocked SO many balls, and NCAA record--for a tourney game and season! Awesome job! She rocks! Oh, and they won...both Men an Ladies are in the Sweet SIXTEEN!!! WOO HOO! This Bear fan LOVES IT!
Oh, here are my toes...I did this on Saturday for the teams...I took a pic while watching the girls play.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday {Mar 22, 2019}

So here is my menu for this week:

Monday: Saucy Skillet Pasta
Tuesday: Pulled Pork Sammies
Wednesday: Goat Cheese/Tarragon Chicken
Thursday: flying to Houston, eat in airport
Friday: in Houston for...Baylor Basketball and the Sweet 16!! My goal? Pappasitos! TexMEX!!!
Saturday: maybe I'll help my cousin cook supper this night!
Sunday: no idea, though tonight we did eat Whataburger! LOL

Sorry, not a great menu this week, but I do my best!

Saucy Skillet Chicken** this is SO easy and good!
from: Jennifer B

1 pd gd beef or turkey
1 can (15-oz) tomato sauce
1 can (14 1/2-oz) diced tomatoes
1 pkg spaghetti sauce mix
8 oz uncooked ziti, rigati, or other tube pasta
1 can (4-oz) sliced mushrooms, drained (optional)
1 c. shredded Mozzarella

1. Brown Meat in lg skillet over med-high heat. drain fat
2. Add tomato sauce, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce mix. bring to boil. Stir in Pasta and mushrooms. Cover and simmer for 30 min or until pasta is cooked. Stir occasionally.
3. Sprinkle cheese over top. Cover and cook 2-3 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Pulled Pork Sammies
from: Geren M

1 pork tenderloin
1 bottle BBQ sauce (your favorite)
kaiser rolls (or hamburger buns)

Put both in a crock pot. Cook 4-6 hours on low. tear pork apart with fork. put on kaiser roll and eat! (Great with cole slaw and/or baked beans)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

{day 76 of 365}

I'm doing so good posting everyday. Who knows if this can keep up after Spring Break!

So the snow fell off the roof of the cabin last night while we were at dinner. Check this glad our truck, nor Sam's jeep was in it's path. (been there done that, bought a warning sign.)

Day 76 March 18 {2010} We woke up before sunrise this morning to get on the road home. Heath promised we'd be home in time for the Baylor basketball game. We were a little late, but I have Direct TV, and we recorded it. I love Direct TV!!! Don't get me started all the reasons why, just trust me. I'm passionate about it!

So today, we watched March Madness! Fun times! SO many upsets, best first day in many years. My Bears played it way to close for my tastes, but a win is a win! Go Bears! We play Saturday at 3:45 Mountain. I'll be so nervous! (did I mention how bad my bracket is doing? But, I'd take that with a win from the Bears any day!)

The weather was so pretty in ABQ today! 60 most of the day. I turned the heater off, opened the doors and windows. Love it. The kids even played outside for a while! Sadly we are under a winter storm watch tomorrow. gag.

(don't ask what M is wearing...not pretty!)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{day 75 of 365}

Day 75 March 17 {2010} This is how my kids looked at the beginning of St Patty's Day. All out fabulous green. H even asked if the ski school was handing out green stickers in support of the Baylor Bears in the NCAAs! HA! Love it!

Heath and I ate lunch, then he met the kids and took them skiing for the afternoon. I met them on Prospector to take some pics. (There is a great bridge that goes over the ski run.)
My little skier! This is a blue, and today she skied her first black! (International)

And Hunter, my little parralel maniac! He actually was run into by a woman today which ended their ski day about an hour early. He hurt his wrist, but is okay.

And the ski lift goes right over the road. I love this picture so much!

Tonight was packing and cleaning the cabin. we ate Slogar's, yum.

We'll leave first thing in the morning so we can make it home to watch the Bears play in the Big Dance! SIC 'EM BEARS!!! I made this avatar for Scrapmatters...we are sporting green avatars this month...perfect for me!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{day 74 of 365}

Day 74 March 16 {2010} Happy Birthday to my March Mad-y-ness!!! (She was born the day before the NCAA tourney began, I still played my bracket, and we watched it in the hospital and at home! My friends nicknamed her March Mad-y-ness!) I am in shock she's five, but she is so excited! M gets this from me and my family...the love of a birthday. She was told not to screech this morning and make noises and responded, "Mom, I'm the birthday girl. It's my day; I can do whatever I want!" yeah, that's from my side of the family! I sang "Happy Birthday" to her first thing, when just the two of us were up. She beamed at me...made me tear up.
I made Orange Danish Rolls, with a candle. we sang to her too. Then, off to ski school, yes again!
I came home to take a nap, I slept horribly last night! jeez. Then, I participated in a Speed Scrap at Scrapmatters. Here is my page.
So, then almost immediately, I went to get the kids, and we headed over to meet Heath at the Adventure Camp. They did a little bungee trampoline and tubing down the hill. fun times. It was M's special request. And, some fabulous pictures.

For Dinner, M wanted Wooden Nickel, shock. She unwrapped presents there with great enthusiasm. I think she told every single person she came in contact with today it was her birthday...also from my family! We did run into Molly (her ski instructor from last week) outside on Elk Ave. She's so sweet. Excited that I got her # for babysitting when up here this summer. M just loved her.
After, we came home to eat our Italian Cream Cake that I got from Gourmet Noodle and to watch Lost. (Okay, I also took a nap on the couch for 20 minutes before Lost.) Now both kids are sleeping, I'm doing laundry, posting, and watching David Letterman...about to watch the Good Wife.
Happy Birthday M!!
5 things I love about you: (since you are 5)
1. I love your not only shines through your mouth, but your eyes and entire face.
2. your persistence (I told you this at dinner in our why we love you birthday round). One day it will come in handy. Sometimes it kills me now, but keep at it, you'll succeed! And, I'll be proud!
3. Imagination: you can play with anything at anytime. I love watching you play with your dolls and animals. You rock!
4. Art skills: maybe you get this from me too...i just love how you get absorbed in your coloring and/or drawing.
5. your made up saying. I'll just cry when you stop saying "next day" or "last day" instead of tomorrow and yesterday. It's my very favorite thing you say, but I know it's coming to an end.

Until Next Day...

Monday, March 15, 2010

{day 73 of 365}

Day 72 March 14 {2010} The kids went back to ski school. Heath went fly fishing. I went to the Wildflower Spa. WOo HoO! I won the best day, pretty sure! ha ha! then, I went to Elevations for lunch, french dip. Can you tell my life revolves around food. yes, it does, really!?!?
I picked the kids up. H and I came back to the cabin to watch the NCAA Selection see about our Baylor Bears! Fantabulous news...Baylor is a #3 seed in the South. They start in New Orleans. I'm praying so much that my dad takes off a few days to travel down to watch. I pray harder that we make it through the first round...after that we will go to Houston! And, if we go there, kids and i will go to see my aunt! he he....
Last night, Heath cooked turkey burgers. I designed a bit and stayed up till 1 am reading a new book.

Day 73 March 15 {2010} Back to ski school. They did fantastic! H worked on his mogul work on blacks, while M...yeah, my 1 day shy of 5 year old, she is skiing HARD blues...WHAT!?!? Her instructor told me she ROCKED the blues! Wow, amazing! i am proud!
Heath and I watched movies today. We watched Up in the Air and Couples Retreat. Both were good, and I laughed, which is all I wanted, really.
Tonight we made pork tenderloin, a new recipe. so yummy! We are now watching Chuck. I think I'll finish designing my new kit and probably finish my book tonight.
Tomorrow my baby girl turns 5. Wow. i can't believe it. 5 years ago today, Heath was taking Step 3 of his medical boards. We were praying M didn't come early. He had to take that test. My friend Syl was on standby for him. Plus, my mom and sister were able to come to NYC to be with me. I think we were getting manis and pedis. We could get both for $15. Awesome.

Menu Plan Monday {Mar 15}

Good evening. I'm a little late...a week since I didn't do this last week. I was on vacation with my inlaws. But, I'm back int he saddle again...sort of.

Monday: Hickory-Planked Pork Tenderloin with Dijon Potatoes
Tuesday: Madysen's Birthday dinner--she's chosen Wooden Nickel in Crested Butte (we are still her for a few more days)
Wednesday: Fried Chicken family style at Slogar's in CB
Thursday: Turkey Burgers with Goat Cheese
Friday: Chicken Enchilada Soup (I'll try to come back with the recipe sometime)
Saturday: Meatball Subs

Saturday, March 13, 2010

{day 71 of 365}

Day 70 March 12 {2010} Before Holly, Molly, and the kids left, Holly and I took M and L for a "photo shoot." We took a couple of changes of clothes into town and took some fun pictures of the girls. Here are two of my favorites of M.

M and I hung at the cabin while we waited for Heath and H to get here. I made Ranch Chicken for dinner and we watched both the Lady Bears and Bears lose in basketball. I can't wait until next week and March Madness. Totally fun.

Day 71 March 13 {2010} We barely woke up in time for ski school this morning, but we did it. Heath skied a half day while I surfed the net and did a little designing this morning. Then, we went to lunch and hung out in town for a bit.
This afternoon, we took the kids to "Big Air on Elk Ave" where their was a ski jump competition, but we just got too cold. We just got home. I'm about to cook dinner and then hopefully watching a movie. We'll see.

So, here are the tubing pics from Thursday. Totally fun. (That's me almost going off the hill!)

Aren't they fun!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

{day 69 of 365}

Day 68 March 10 {2010} The kids went back to ski school. M is tired. She's asked and asked to stay home, but we made her go. She ended up fine, as always. she's a good little skier. Holly, Molly and I hung around the house scrapping. I've been working on a Disney album...not digital, but paper. I actually bought this "Believe" album in Utah last summer (2008) for the next time we went to Disney. Anyway, I did finish...ya wanna see?

Day 69 March 11 {2010} I stayed up too late last night watching tv and didn't want to wake today! But, I did and took M to ski school, and an hour later? I was back, picking her up. She had a sunburn from yesterday and was just exhausted. Plus, not so sure how much she liked her ski instructor today after being with a different one all week. Anyway, she came home and just laid around. total exhaustion.
We then headed back up to the mountain to get cousins L, L, and H. Our surprise of the day? Tubing. Yes, we all went tubing today, and it was a blast! All of us participated, but the snow was too fast (Holly and I almost flew over they side) so they shut the hill down. We then came home, snacked, showered, and watched Disney Channel. A babysitter later, kids were having fun playing while the ladies and I were at Soupcon eating a fabulous dinner. baylor played and beat texas tonight for the 4th time in a row at the Big 12 tourney! totally fun watching. The lady bears also won tonight! Having a blast. now I'm catching up on Thursday night tv! (I'll post pictures later of us tubing...maybe tomorrow when I download them from the camera!)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

{day 67 of 365}

Day 59 Feb 28 {2010} Today we worked around the house. Heath worked on the laundry room locker. We went to Lowe's and Target. Heath then put our new ceiling fan up in the office! Fun times. Later, we watched part of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. After putting the kids to bed, Heath and I watch Law-abiding Citizen. Interesting movie. unique plot.
Day 60 March 1 {2010} It's a week later, and I have no idea what I did today besides going to the grocery store and designing a little bit. I stayed up super late after Heath went to work scrapping. Here is a page I did tonight. (or really re-did for my 2009 album!)

Day 61 March 2 {2010} I took the kids to school today and headed to Massage Envy for a massage. I have a monthly membership, so I get one a month. I was having some serious neck pain and this helped bunches! After was home, where I scrapped and cleaned the house a bit. (no picture)

Day 62 March 3 {2010} I have no clue, again, what happened today. It was ordinary. M and I hung out at the house. We still haven't put up the painting, but here is the bench we bought for our hall. So cool.

The boys are still not feeling well, so I ditched the plans for soft tacos and went for chicken noodle soup with homemade cornbread! yummy!

Plus I worked forever on turning my first P365 page into a 2 page spread...after much discussion at SM and perusing the galleries! Here it is.

Day 63 March 4 {2010} I spent today getting things ready for going to Crested Butte. I got my nails done, then came home to wake up Heath so he could drive to CB. He went early to spend a day or so with his dad. Then, I went on to run a few other errands, do laundry, and pack. Fun times! M got her new passport in the mail today. Here she is signing it!

Day 64 March 5 {2010} I took H to school, and M & I went straight to the grocery store for some food for CB. We also ran to REI and Petsmart. Then, on to home to pack the truck for traveling! yummy Chick Fil A for lunch and pick H up from school.
We made good time on our drive, no snow on the roads, so that's always nice. We ate with Sam at the Wooden Nickel. We had a great time; here are the boys arm wrestling. I can't remember why!

Day 65 March 6 {2010} Ski school, and waiting for Holly, Molly, and the kids to arrive! when they finally did...we watched the Baylor Bears beat up on Texas! take a look Quincy Acy's top 2 plays for the weekend, according to ESPN!

I made some yummy Tomato Basil Soup and gourmet grilled cheese sammies...I'll get the recipe to you later, it ROCKED!

Day 66 March 7 {2010} We sent all the cousins to ski school today! H and H got to ski together with an instructor. M is rocking the slopes, big time! They all had a great time! The ladies stayed home and scrapped. Great day! I cooked Pork T for supper, yummy! Oh, and today is the birthday of two of my BFFs: Vanessa and Tracey! I love you ladies! You are two of the funnies people I know!

Day 67 March 8 {2010} H, H, and L skied with Heath, Sam, and Molly today while M and L went to ski school. Holly and I went to McGill's first breakfast, and then we ventured up and down Elk Ave. to the fabulous shops and did a little damage! We had a great time just the sisters in law! We then met the family at the mountain for picture time! I love this one of the cousins:

After, we headed to the Secret Stash for some pizza and to celebrate M's birthday, a week early! Cousin H and M are getting along beautiful. Probably b/c they are not siblings! Look at this cute picture!

Day 68 March 9 {2010} Heath and H headed back to ABQ today for the week...they had work and school. (school was out Mon and Tuesday for p/t conferences.) Back to ski school for the rest of them! I came back and scrapped some before picking them up. I can't wait to show you my Disney album I'm working on, so cute! Holly and I then went back to the mountain to pick them up. M and L were waiting patiently for us with their ski instructors!

Now, I'm about to eat, do laundry, scrap, and watch LOST! Woo hoo! Have a great night people!