Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{day 83 of 365}

Day 83 March 23 {2010} We were lazy again today! M and I laid on the couch together watching HGTV and the Food Network. We did find some meals we want to cook though! LOL

H got off school at 12:30, as it is Wednesday. After M and I finally napped, I got up to cook supper: Goat Cheese-Topped Tarragon Chicken, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and Mac/cheese. OMGoodness, It was SO good! I even did all the dishes, including some handwashing after dinner1 I know, don't fall down! Then we watched Survivor. Heath went to get ready for work, and I went to get ready for the trip. So, I packed M. She decided that since she's be playing with her cousins she needed a princess dress and her Jasmine outfit. She's so funny! I told her that she could take whatever she wanted to take (to play with), but it had to fit in her backpack.

Anyway, as I was packing H, she did this with her suitcase...and other things she decided to take with her.Not sure why we'd need a tennis racket, but okay. It's so not going with us!

I got the kids packed, downloaded a couple of movies for the plane, and synced my iPhone. Then, crash. iPhone is pissed at me. It's taken me 2 hours and research to figure out how to restore it (it wouldn't for some reason), but I did it. And now...I haven't packed for myself! I guess I should do that now, since this day only has 2 more minutes in it officially!

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