Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{day 82 of 365}

Day 82 March 23 {2010} Exhausted.

I started allergy meds a couple of days ago, and it takes days for my body to adjust. I even cut them in half the first week, but I still need a daily nap, or two! Anyway...exhausted.

I took H to school; then M and I had to run back to the store to get cupcakes. It's her snack day to celebrate her birthday at preschool. I bought them yesterday, but last night she decided to stick her fingers in the cupcakes to taste the icing. I was not happy; Heath and H thought it hilarious, so I became not happy with them too!

I then ran to Starbucks while waiting for Sports Authority to open...lucky dog day! They were giving away free pastries! I got pumpkin bread. yum. Day is looking up! Then off to SA for new cleats for the kiddos. I came home, surfed the net, changed the laundry, and took a nap. See, I told you. I'm exhausted. It's not even noon!

This afternoon, picked H up, homework, baseball practice for 2 hours, and dinner. (Thank God for a crock pot!) Then, back to homework. H had a personal narrative due tomorrow. That plus other homework, made 6 hours total over the last two days. TOO much for my 3rd grader. I think I have an education philosophy difference with his teacher. (considering I wrote countless papers on this during my BSE, I'm pretty sure I know mine.) I'll probably tell her too when we have a conference Thursday morning. Outta control.  (Oh, other good thing? My NCAA Sweet 16 tix came by UPS today! WOO HOO!)

So, here is H at practice tonight....my picture of the day. I'm sure first of many baseball pics! He is the one without a batting helmet on. He was catching. He's hoping to play catcher again this year.

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