Monday, March 22, 2010

{day 81 of 365}

I'm behind. I told you that once we got home I wouldn't be able to keep up!

day 78 March 19 {2010} Friday, Did I even get dressed? I don't think so! We did nothing but watch basketball. Thursday destroyed my brackets so I didn't even care and rooted for all underdogs on Friday...outside of the Big 12! We did have to run a couple of errands and then ate supper at Applebees. Then, home for us. The kids watched Princess and the Frog on the blu-ray. I played on the net, watched basketball and talked to my sister. While on the phone, I decided to go ahead an buy tickets to Houston from ABQ just in case Baylor went to the Sweet 16. I was going to wait, but the prices kept going up! Plus, Southwest would let me cancel and just credit me a flight. Mom and Robyn talked me into it. (I remembered when I found this picture that M got in serious trouble by her daddy. He put her to bed after her discipline...Belle dress and all. She had a great attitude when she woke up from her nap!)

day  79 March 20 {2010} Saturday started out surprisingly for me...

Yes, with snow in our yard, still falling even! Jeez! Thursday and Friday were so pretty, and then snow. I got up early to get my nails done. Heath and I had a date today...but that's later! We watched basketball even more. Couldn't believe the upsets! I didn't care either, as long as Baylor played well...which they did! WOO HOO! So glad I bought those tix!
So, after the game, Heath and I rushed to get ready, we got a babysitter and were headed to U of NM for Avenue Q. We ate Pei Wei, quick, cheap, good. Now, Ave Q, is not for the conservative. seriously. We aren't conservative, but not liberal either, but we did think it was HYSTERICAL! So funny. It was a good time for us to just be by ourselves! We also learned that Wicked is coming next season. We are going to buy a package of 4 seats so that the kids can go to some of the Broadway traveling shows too. I think they'll like them.  Here we are in the theatre. 

(Oh and WOO HOO, the Lady Bears won in their first game too!) After we got home, I decided I needed to go ahead and buy tickets to the Sweet 16 game, but they only sell them in a 3 game bundle. Robyn, Dad, and I decided to go for it, so I bought the tickets (for 7 family members) to watch the Baylor Bears in the Sweet 16! FUN!

day 80 March 21 {2010} Sunday...I slept in. I love my kids. They are awesome. We woke up, did some stuff around the house, then all went to breakfast and Target. We came home, I designed a bit and advised as Heath cleaned his part of office. Just basically hung out. I wasn't feeling great, my allergies/sinuses are killing me. So, I watched the Texas A&M game from my bed. Wow, great game. Sorry to my Aggie relatives that they lost. We got Whataburger for dinner, yeah, lovely I know.

I am currently working on "Flat Stanley" for my niece. Here is the picture of Sandia Peak with her flat doll. We also took pics last night for her.

day 81 March 22 {2010} Had a hard time waking up after staying up reading till 2am. Why do I do that! Stupid! Took H to school and headed to get the car washed! WOO HOO! Then M and I headed to the grocery store where we stocked up for the short week at home! I got home to check my email...and I'm so glad we decided to buy tickets on Saturday night! Baylor only has so many for fans...and those go to big donors (obvious not me). And, you can't really buy individual game tickets. I saw one place that for one game--$500!!! I only paid a little more than that for all 7 of our 3 game packages! Outta control!
What else today? Homework. I spent 3 hours this evening with H on homework...too much for a 3rd grader. wow. But, it's all good. Then, I watched the Lady Bears! Brittney Griner blocked SO many balls, and NCAA record--for a tourney game and season! Awesome job! She rocks! Oh, and they won...both Men an Ladies are in the Sweet SIXTEEN!!! WOO HOO! This Bear fan LOVES IT!
Oh, here are my toes...I did this on Saturday for the teams...I took a pic while watching the girls play.

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