Thursday, March 18, 2010

{day 76 of 365}

I'm doing so good posting everyday. Who knows if this can keep up after Spring Break!

So the snow fell off the roof of the cabin last night while we were at dinner. Check this glad our truck, nor Sam's jeep was in it's path. (been there done that, bought a warning sign.)

Day 76 March 18 {2010} We woke up before sunrise this morning to get on the road home. Heath promised we'd be home in time for the Baylor basketball game. We were a little late, but I have Direct TV, and we recorded it. I love Direct TV!!! Don't get me started all the reasons why, just trust me. I'm passionate about it!

So today, we watched March Madness! Fun times! SO many upsets, best first day in many years. My Bears played it way to close for my tastes, but a win is a win! Go Bears! We play Saturday at 3:45 Mountain. I'll be so nervous! (did I mention how bad my bracket is doing? But, I'd take that with a win from the Bears any day!)

The weather was so pretty in ABQ today! 60 most of the day. I turned the heater off, opened the doors and windows. Love it. The kids even played outside for a while! Sadly we are under a winter storm watch tomorrow. gag.

(don't ask what M is wearing...not pretty!)

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