Monday, March 15, 2010

{day 73 of 365}

Day 72 March 14 {2010} The kids went back to ski school. Heath went fly fishing. I went to the Wildflower Spa. WOo HoO! I won the best day, pretty sure! ha ha! then, I went to Elevations for lunch, french dip. Can you tell my life revolves around food. yes, it does, really!?!?
I picked the kids up. H and I came back to the cabin to watch the NCAA Selection see about our Baylor Bears! Fantabulous news...Baylor is a #3 seed in the South. They start in New Orleans. I'm praying so much that my dad takes off a few days to travel down to watch. I pray harder that we make it through the first round...after that we will go to Houston! And, if we go there, kids and i will go to see my aunt! he he....
Last night, Heath cooked turkey burgers. I designed a bit and stayed up till 1 am reading a new book.

Day 73 March 15 {2010} Back to ski school. They did fantastic! H worked on his mogul work on blacks, while M...yeah, my 1 day shy of 5 year old, she is skiing HARD blues...WHAT!?!? Her instructor told me she ROCKED the blues! Wow, amazing! i am proud!
Heath and I watched movies today. We watched Up in the Air and Couples Retreat. Both were good, and I laughed, which is all I wanted, really.
Tonight we made pork tenderloin, a new recipe. so yummy! We are now watching Chuck. I think I'll finish designing my new kit and probably finish my book tonight.
Tomorrow my baby girl turns 5. Wow. i can't believe it. 5 years ago today, Heath was taking Step 3 of his medical boards. We were praying M didn't come early. He had to take that test. My friend Syl was on standby for him. Plus, my mom and sister were able to come to NYC to be with me. I think we were getting manis and pedis. We could get both for $15. Awesome.

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