Thursday, March 11, 2010

{day 69 of 365}

Day 68 March 10 {2010} The kids went back to ski school. M is tired. She's asked and asked to stay home, but we made her go. She ended up fine, as always. she's a good little skier. Holly, Molly and I hung around the house scrapping. I've been working on a Disney album...not digital, but paper. I actually bought this "Believe" album in Utah last summer (2008) for the next time we went to Disney. Anyway, I did finish...ya wanna see?

Day 69 March 11 {2010} I stayed up too late last night watching tv and didn't want to wake today! But, I did and took M to ski school, and an hour later? I was back, picking her up. She had a sunburn from yesterday and was just exhausted. Plus, not so sure how much she liked her ski instructor today after being with a different one all week. Anyway, she came home and just laid around. total exhaustion.
We then headed back up to the mountain to get cousins L, L, and H. Our surprise of the day? Tubing. Yes, we all went tubing today, and it was a blast! All of us participated, but the snow was too fast (Holly and I almost flew over they side) so they shut the hill down. We then came home, snacked, showered, and watched Disney Channel. A babysitter later, kids were having fun playing while the ladies and I were at Soupcon eating a fabulous dinner. baylor played and beat texas tonight for the 4th time in a row at the Big 12 tourney! totally fun watching. The lady bears also won tonight! Having a blast. now I'm catching up on Thursday night tv! (I'll post pictures later of us tubing...maybe tomorrow when I download them from the camera!)

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