Tuesday, March 9, 2010

{day 67 of 365}

Day 59 Feb 28 {2010} Today we worked around the house. Heath worked on the laundry room locker. We went to Lowe's and Target. Heath then put our new ceiling fan up in the office! Fun times. Later, we watched part of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. After putting the kids to bed, Heath and I watch Law-abiding Citizen. Interesting movie. unique plot.
Day 60 March 1 {2010} It's a week later, and I have no idea what I did today besides going to the grocery store and designing a little bit. I stayed up super late after Heath went to work scrapping. Here is a page I did tonight. (or really re-did for my 2009 album!)

Day 61 March 2 {2010} I took the kids to school today and headed to Massage Envy for a massage. I have a monthly membership, so I get one a month. I was having some serious neck pain and this helped bunches! After was home, where I scrapped and cleaned the house a bit. (no picture)

Day 62 March 3 {2010} I have no clue, again, what happened today. It was ordinary. M and I hung out at the house. We still haven't put up the painting, but here is the bench we bought for our hall. So cool.

The boys are still not feeling well, so I ditched the plans for soft tacos and went for chicken noodle soup with homemade cornbread! yummy!

Plus I worked forever on turning my first P365 page into a 2 page spread...after much discussion at SM and perusing the galleries! Here it is.

Day 63 March 4 {2010} I spent today getting things ready for going to Crested Butte. I got my nails done, then came home to wake up Heath so he could drive to CB. He went early to spend a day or so with his dad. Then, I went on to run a few other errands, do laundry, and pack. Fun times! M got her new passport in the mail today. Here she is signing it!

Day 64 March 5 {2010} I took H to school, and M & I went straight to the grocery store for some food for CB. We also ran to REI and Petsmart. Then, on to home to pack the truck for traveling! yummy Chick Fil A for lunch and pick H up from school.
We made good time on our drive, no snow on the roads, so that's always nice. We ate with Sam at the Wooden Nickel. We had a great time; here are the boys arm wrestling. I can't remember why!

Day 65 March 6 {2010} Ski school, and waiting for Holly, Molly, and the kids to arrive! when they finally did...we watched the Baylor Bears beat up on Texas! take a look Quincy Acy's top 2 plays for the weekend, according to ESPN!


I made some yummy Tomato Basil Soup and gourmet grilled cheese sammies...I'll get the recipe to you later, it ROCKED!

Day 66 March 7 {2010} We sent all the cousins to ski school today! H and H got to ski together with an instructor. M is rocking the slopes, big time! They all had a great time! The ladies stayed home and scrapped. Great day! I cooked Pork T for supper, yummy! Oh, and today is the birthday of two of my BFFs: Vanessa and Tracey! I love you ladies! You are two of the funnies people I know!

Day 67 March 8 {2010} H, H, and L skied with Heath, Sam, and Molly today while M and L went to ski school. Holly and I went to McGill's first breakfast, and then we ventured up and down Elk Ave. to the fabulous shops and did a little damage! We had a great time just the sisters in law! We then met the family at the mountain for picture time! I love this one of the cousins:

After, we headed to the Secret Stash for some pizza and to celebrate M's birthday, a week early! Cousin H and M are getting along beautiful. Probably b/c they are not siblings! Look at this cute picture!

Day 68 March 9 {2010} Heath and H headed back to ABQ today for the week...they had work and school. (school was out Mon and Tuesday for p/t conferences.) Back to ski school for the rest of them! I came back and scrapped some before picking them up. I can't wait to show you my Disney album I'm working on, so cute! Holly and I then went back to the mountain to pick them up. M and L were waiting patiently for us with their ski instructors!

Now, I'm about to eat, do laundry, scrap, and watch LOST! Woo hoo! Have a great night people!


  1. The bench looks awesome in your hall and I always seem to get hungry when I read your blog. :)

  2. We just watched Law Abiding Citizen the other night too - I was surprised how much I liked it!

  3. I liked it too Melanie, was just weird...but good. i love a good mystery!