Saturday, March 13, 2010

{day 71 of 365}

Day 70 March 12 {2010} Before Holly, Molly, and the kids left, Holly and I took M and L for a "photo shoot." We took a couple of changes of clothes into town and took some fun pictures of the girls. Here are two of my favorites of M.

M and I hung at the cabin while we waited for Heath and H to get here. I made Ranch Chicken for dinner and we watched both the Lady Bears and Bears lose in basketball. I can't wait until next week and March Madness. Totally fun.

Day 71 March 13 {2010} We barely woke up in time for ski school this morning, but we did it. Heath skied a half day while I surfed the net and did a little designing this morning. Then, we went to lunch and hung out in town for a bit.
This afternoon, we took the kids to "Big Air on Elk Ave" where their was a ski jump competition, but we just got too cold. We just got home. I'm about to cook dinner and then hopefully watching a movie. We'll see.

So, here are the tubing pics from Thursday. Totally fun. (That's me almost going off the hill!)

Aren't they fun!

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