Friday, February 10, 2012

New Website!

Hey everyone! I have a new website....Go check it out! This blog is no longer going to be used.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{Week 4} Project Life: 2012

Hello World! I hope all of you are doing well.
I've had the best weekend/beginning of the week. My in-laws came in and left this morning. Heath and his dad went hunting. Molly and I scrapped and played all weekend...but you'll have to see that later this week in my Week 5 PL! I'm almost done with it (only Saturday left!)

I love Project Life.

I just wanted to say that! I have enjoyed looking back at the previous week, evaluating what we use our time doing, reliving our fun memories/moments, and seeing my life through a different set of eyes. I'm so thankful for my life. I just feel so dang lucky!!

I'm still struggling through a couple of simple do I want this project? How do I add my own little touches to it. I feel like Week 4 is very "white"...and I am NOT a "white" person...neutral maybe, but not white! I LOVE color. L.O.V.E. So, I'm trying to figure out ways to add some more color to my weeks. I think it's a process that I'll enjoy! How are all you PL ladies feeling about this? Do you strictly use core kit stuff, or are you adding your own touches, going out on a limb to do a few things different?

So, let's take a look at my completed Week 4...which is the goal right!!!

{the spread}
Is it too white?


Working on more a scrappy look for my date cards

I did something a bit different this week...{one} I had the back of the 4x6 horizontal protector. {two} I did a picture, then journaled under it to go more deeply using one of the Everyday Life prompts. {Ali's prompts.}

 Madysen reads every night. I love this picture of her reading on the floor of the office. I also found this fun Top Ten card. I used it to "run down" our day!  Under that...I kept some things from Wednesday...Heath and my day together. He built 5 book shelves for our new office.

Here is the list I made for everything that needed to be done for our office this week. Plus, our fortunes from our Chinese New Year {a day late} lunch! 


Madysen started reading her FIRST chapter book on Thursday!!! "Mercy Watson to the Rescue" 

I got my package of Instax film'll be seeing more and more of these fun fantastic Polaroids. I included the package list and the first picture...which I took of my PL corner! :)

Saturday, I hosted a Speed Scrap at  I included my handwritten made my son take a picture of my while chatting and hosting! FUN!

And, here is our paint chip for the office paint....and a picture of the new walls and desk!

 My journaling and weekly review.

Oh! And on Sunday, as I felt so horrible and laid around, I did decide to "design" our new office...and the kids tv room. Here is the "blueprint" that I included with an insert! The back has the tv room design! 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

{Week 3} Project Life: 2012

I've finally gotten around to blogging about Week 3! 

{Verso} I decided to scrap a little using the Week 3 "title" card! I want to figure out how to feel more scrappy on my pages. This was my first step. I think it will be cool to watch how this project evolves through the I figure out  how to bring my scrapping style to the project.

My Week in Review card and Sunday's journal. I kept a coupon that M won at Pappa Rollos and attached it to the journal card. 

This picture is from Sunday. Heath wanted the entire family at Memaw and Pawpaw's for lunch. I had to leave early b/c I had my last lesson from my writing project to complete, but my mother in law sent this to me for my book. Monday, I hung with my sister, we ate Newk's for lunch. YUM! 
Here is my nephew playing. He had 5ths disease when we were home. I held him a lot..and ended up SICK later in the week.

Heath with his grandparents before we left for home on Tuesday.

{Recto} page...I decided to try a different page protector. It was good but a bit challenging to figure out how to journal and do pictures in the 4x6 slots. 
During the second leg of our trip home, Heath was stopped. Here is his citation from the Texas DPS. Awesome!  

Here is Wednesday night's happenings. M pulled her tooth...the first one she pulled on her own. She then placed it in the little box her Nini brought her from England. It's a little box commemorating Prince William and Princess Kate's wedding.  I thought it was so cute! She also wrote the tooth fairy a note, which I kept...I attached it to the back of this. I placed the "Pull Here" tab to show it's attached to the back.

Here is the back...the note from M to the tooth fairy! 

Thursday, Hunter went out to hit a bucket of baseballs. I got this picture without him knowing from the kitchen window. I love How this journal/picture card ended up.

As I mentioned earlier, I was SICK last week. I had no voice at all, and did everything I could to NOT talk. Friday, I sat around all day, drinking tea. I was doing good to get a picture Friday. I had no journaling b/c I had no words at all on Friday! I figured it was fitting. 

I was still feeling bad on Saturday, but we have season tickets to the Broadway, so I drugged myself with Advil and joined our friends, Hank and Kelly for the show. I did forget to take a picture and totally journaled about that!

That is my Week 3! I didn't have an insert this week. I was feeling so bad, there was no extra picture taking. That was consumed with naps!

Project Life: Set Up/Organization

Hello world! 
Heath and I have been working all week on our new office. We share an office, and about 2 months ago I decided we didn't have enough room and something had to change. On one side of our house was our office and the kids' tv/play room. Last month, I decided that we needed to switch the rooms. The kids' room was a bit bigger than ours and we needed more room than they did. 

Heath's schedule worked out this week that he was off Mon-Fri, and we took this time to tackle the "switch."  But, of course, I added something to the mix. We were going to do it right...paint, build a craft table, etc. We are almost finished at this point, still working on the desk/office stuff right now. Next week, I'll tackle getting the kids' new tv room set up. I'll also share both of those at a later date. 
All of that to of the first things I decided I wanted in our office was a Project Life space...a space specifically set aside for PL all the time! And, I got it! YAY! 

We took the doors off our closet, no need for them. I needed the space! That was a lot of extra space...for Project Life! :) So, I put this fold-out table (I bought it from Wal-Mart years ago) in the closet space.

I had some space to the left and decided on these pull out drawers to hold some page protectors and other every day supplies. I also have a plastic storage bin under with all my PL page protectors (extras) and 12x12 paper, etc. Oh, and my sewing machine. (I'd like to find a permanent space for it, but haven't yet.
Some closers views.

In the little green flip top box, I keep all of my pens and markers.

Here are my "extras." I bought this fun chevron printed storage container at Target. (My accent color in the office is this awesome lime/apple green.)

Here is my Making Memories tool holder. I got it a few years ago at Target on clearance. It sits on the storage drawers to the left.

And my find of the week!! I got it at Target, of course. (I'm thinking I might need a Target intervention!) Okay, back to my "find!"  It's a canvas organizer. And fits the Project Life Core Kit cards perfectly~the middle row is 4" wide .

In the outside spaces, I put stamps, office supply store finds like labels and tags, my date and letter stamps, tape, post it notes, etc!

Here is my work area up close again!

I'm so excited about my new space! I love having everything in one place, but not out in the middle of the house! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project LIfe...update

I'm totally caught up on Project Life. I have even taken pictures of my Week 3 spread, but Heath is off this week and we are swapping our office with the kids' tv room. It's almost finished...or at least the bones. Who knows how long it'll take to get my scrap crap organized! I took off the closet doors and am putting a table in there that is solely devoted to Project Life!!! I'm so excited! So later tonight or tomorrow...or this weekend. I'll post my week 3 pages!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Week 2} Project Life: 2012

I finished up my second week of Project Life today! 

I had an internal debate on whether to include hard family moments. But, that is part of our life, so I have included them. Heath's Memaw got sick last week. Heath is super close to Memaw and was torn up over the possibility of losing her. I included it through words on Monday and pictures of them when we arrived in Waco late Thursday night. 

2 page spread:

A few things about this page: Heath took the kids skiing on Sunday (I got my first week finished that day!) and my Tuesday list was my "to-do" list for the day. I just cut it down to fit the page...leaving the ripped part at the bottom just like I had it that day, running around!

I like the week in review below the date card. I asked Heath, Hunter, and Madysen what their favorite thing about Sunday was on the journal card:

I also liked the extra journal space for Monday with the smaller picture. 

I used the Whole Foods' Grocery bag as the background for Tuesday.

Recto (right page):

A few things I like about this side...the sewn down alpha (which I got in the $1 at Target!) (and the one I forgot to rotate!) That picture is fun, taken from the perspective of above my kids. We were measuring height using string...which I attached to the insert!

This is the picture I got when we got to Waco last week....Heath with his Memaw and PawPaw.  Plus, the basketball tickets...that Hunter saved for me (I was late to the game) and gave to me to put in the scrapbook! Love him!

Here is a picture my brother-in-law took with my iPhone while we were playing Phase 10 on Friday. Love it! the 6 is for the 6 players/adults playing the game!

The insert is (an 8x11.5 page protector bought at Office Depot) are a picture Mady drew for me and a game board from Family Math Games night (and picture of the kids playing!) 

Also, Memaw is much better. She's an amazingly strong woman!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{Week 1} Project Life: 2012

I'm tackling Project Life (also known as P365) this year. We are two weeks into 2012 and so far it's successful for me! LOL One thing that is working is the my son (11) is totally into it, saving things for me and asking to help me out!

My One Little Word for 2012 is moment, and I feel as this is going to let me embrace MOMENTs of my life in a different way than I would have otherwise!

I've started following many many scrappers who blog their project life stuff, it helps keep me motivated! :) (I should say I am following them on Twitter too!)

I am going to have to decide if I'm going to work each week on Sunday or Monday. So far, the first week, I did Sunday; second week, I did Monday. We'll see what happens...maybe whatever works for that week! I also want to keep up here, but you know how good I am at that! LOL

So, maybe on Tuesdays I will post my PL from the previous week. Although, today is Wednesday, and I'm late! I was trying to finish my title page before starting posting, but that's not done! One day...

Okay, here is what I've done so far!
Here is the entire spread 

The writer in me is now going to show you the "verso" page...also known as the left page. (My brain is still on writing mode b/c of the freelance project I JUST finished! I did take a picture of me working...bottom left!)

Now, to break down the page:

Date Title Card: I realized as I was starting this week, I wanted to date each week. My title page, I settled on  a "banner" 2012, where I made the flags in photoshop and printed them on presentation paper. I decided to continue that theme each week, to label the week. So, I bought some of the digital products that Becky has at Jessica Sprague and went full swing into hybrid! Of course I made it more difficult! LOL  Take a look at how it turned out...i really like it! I used photoshop to make the flags and then date each on. I made the entire year at once and then printed/cut/sewed the first quarter. (I also printed the months on the title 4x6 cards using photoshop.)

I also read somewhere (please forgive me b/c I've forgotten where) of the idea to add a "week in review" summary to your page if wanted. I LOVED this idea and did it in the first small place. The next one is our hotel key from Jan 1. I just journaled on it with a sharpie!

"Recto" or the right page...which covers Wed-Sat.

Here is my Starbucks cup wrapper from when M and I went on the way to gymnastics. Then the picture is from our trip to the scrap store after to buy my papers for One Little Word.   I also am using my "Instamax" that I got for Christmas. They are just so fun!!! 

Here is the second side of the "recto" page...I love the top. Heath took me to Chipolte and I stole the burrito wrapper for my "background!" How fun is that! I also included a receipt for our movie night and the score sheet from game night that night!

Multiple Images: On Friday, I didn't get a "picture" but decided to make one myself. I googled movie posters for the 3 movies that Heath and I watched that day and made them into one "picture" for my book and think it is so fun! (please note, we don't do this often, but he was off that day and I was working while watching! LOL)  H saw it, LOVED it, and asked if one day this month, if I would make one for tv shows he watched. I really love this idea and have every intention of doing it! If you want to learn how to put multiple images onto one picture, Ali Edwards has a good tutorial. I already know, but am proficient at photoshop, but YOU too can do it!

Insert: The kids and I had fun making cake pops Saturday afternoon. I love my husband, who grabbed the camera to take pictures of us....he's so sweet! I LOVE these!  I used the 4-6x6 pocket page. But, I cut it in half. I saved the other half for later use! (no i didn't just throw it away!)

Here are a few things I still am needing to decide:
1. Will i ever make it look more like a traditional scrap page? Or will I continue with a "smash album" look. I love the smash look. My thoughts are, I'll continue to scrap, paper and digital, and maybe I should just let those be my "scrap pages" and this be my smash journal. I guess we'll see! Who knows!
2. How else can I incorporate digital and hybrid. I'm sure I'll keep hybrid, digital is just in me!
3. I seriously need to figure out the dang title page.
4. Do include struggles of my life too? That is life right? But, how deep?
5. I'm sure there are tons of things I also need to decide on...I'll figure them out one at a time.