Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Week 2} Project Life: 2012

I finished up my second week of Project Life today! 

I had an internal debate on whether to include hard family moments. But, that is part of our life, so I have included them. Heath's Memaw got sick last week. Heath is super close to Memaw and was torn up over the possibility of losing her. I included it through words on Monday and pictures of them when we arrived in Waco late Thursday night. 

2 page spread:

A few things about this page: Heath took the kids skiing on Sunday (I got my first week finished that day!) and my Tuesday list was my "to-do" list for the day. I just cut it down to fit the page...leaving the ripped part at the bottom just like I had it that day, running around!

I like the week in review below the date card. I asked Heath, Hunter, and Madysen what their favorite thing about Sunday was on the journal card:

I also liked the extra journal space for Monday with the smaller picture. 

I used the Whole Foods' Grocery bag as the background for Tuesday.

Recto (right page):

A few things I like about this side...the sewn down alpha (which I got in the $1 at Target!) (and the one I forgot to rotate!) That picture is fun, taken from the perspective of above my kids. We were measuring height using string...which I attached to the insert!

This is the picture I got when we got to Waco last week....Heath with his Memaw and PawPaw.  Plus, the basketball tickets...that Hunter saved for me (I was late to the game) and gave to me to put in the scrapbook! Love him!

Here is a picture my brother-in-law took with my iPhone while we were playing Phase 10 on Friday. Love it! the 6 is for the 6 players/adults playing the game!

The insert is (an 8x11.5 page protector bought at Office Depot) are a picture Mady drew for me and a game board from Family Math Games night (and picture of the kids playing!) 

Also, Memaw is much better. She's an amazingly strong woman!

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