Saturday, January 28, 2012

{Week 3} Project Life: 2012

I've finally gotten around to blogging about Week 3! 

{Verso} I decided to scrap a little using the Week 3 "title" card! I want to figure out how to feel more scrappy on my pages. This was my first step. I think it will be cool to watch how this project evolves through the I figure out  how to bring my scrapping style to the project.

My Week in Review card and Sunday's journal. I kept a coupon that M won at Pappa Rollos and attached it to the journal card. 

This picture is from Sunday. Heath wanted the entire family at Memaw and Pawpaw's for lunch. I had to leave early b/c I had my last lesson from my writing project to complete, but my mother in law sent this to me for my book. Monday, I hung with my sister, we ate Newk's for lunch. YUM! 
Here is my nephew playing. He had 5ths disease when we were home. I held him a lot..and ended up SICK later in the week.

Heath with his grandparents before we left for home on Tuesday.

{Recto} page...I decided to try a different page protector. It was good but a bit challenging to figure out how to journal and do pictures in the 4x6 slots. 
During the second leg of our trip home, Heath was stopped. Here is his citation from the Texas DPS. Awesome!  

Here is Wednesday night's happenings. M pulled her tooth...the first one she pulled on her own. She then placed it in the little box her Nini brought her from England. It's a little box commemorating Prince William and Princess Kate's wedding.  I thought it was so cute! She also wrote the tooth fairy a note, which I kept...I attached it to the back of this. I placed the "Pull Here" tab to show it's attached to the back.

Here is the back...the note from M to the tooth fairy! 

Thursday, Hunter went out to hit a bucket of baseballs. I got this picture without him knowing from the kitchen window. I love How this journal/picture card ended up.

As I mentioned earlier, I was SICK last week. I had no voice at all, and did everything I could to NOT talk. Friday, I sat around all day, drinking tea. I was doing good to get a picture Friday. I had no journaling b/c I had no words at all on Friday! I figured it was fitting. 

I was still feeling bad on Saturday, but we have season tickets to the Broadway, so I drugged myself with Advil and joined our friends, Hank and Kelly for the show. I did forget to take a picture and totally journaled about that!

That is my Week 3! I didn't have an insert this week. I was feeling so bad, there was no extra picture taking. That was consumed with naps!

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