Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{Week 4} Project Life: 2012

Hello World! I hope all of you are doing well.
I've had the best weekend/beginning of the week. My in-laws came in and left this morning. Heath and his dad went hunting. Molly and I scrapped and played all weekend...but you'll have to see that later this week in my Week 5 PL! I'm almost done with it (only Saturday left!)

I love Project Life.

I just wanted to say that! I have enjoyed looking back at the previous week, evaluating what we use our time doing, reliving our fun memories/moments, and seeing my life through a different set of eyes. I'm so thankful for my life. I just feel so dang lucky!!

I'm still struggling through a couple of things...how simple do I want this project? How do I add my own little touches to it. I feel like Week 4 is very "white"...and I am NOT a "white" person...neutral maybe, but not white! I LOVE color. L.O.V.E. So, I'm trying to figure out ways to add some more color to my weeks. I think it's a process that I'll enjoy! How are all you PL ladies feeling about this? Do you strictly use core kit stuff, or are you adding your own touches, going out on a limb to do a few things different?

So, let's take a look at my completed Week 4...which is the goal right!!!

{the spread}
Is it too white?


Working on more a scrappy look for my date cards

I did something a bit different this week...{one} I had the back of the 4x6 horizontal protector. {two} I did a picture, then journaled under it to go more deeply using one of the Everyday Life prompts. {Ali's prompts.}

 Madysen reads every night. I love this picture of her reading on the floor of the office. I also found this fun Top Ten card. I used it to "run down" our day!  Under that...I kept some things from Wednesday...Heath and my day together. He built 5 book shelves for our new office.

Here is the list I made for everything that needed to be done for our office this week. Plus, our fortunes from our Chinese New Year {a day late} lunch! 


Madysen started reading her FIRST chapter book on Thursday!!! "Mercy Watson to the Rescue" 

I got my package of Instax film today...you'll be seeing more and more of these fun fantastic Polaroids. I included the package list and the first picture...which I took of my PL corner! :)

Saturday, I hosted a Speed Scrap at MouseScrappers.com  I included my handwritten instructions...plus made my son take a picture of my while chatting and hosting! FUN!

And, here is our paint chip for the office paint....and a picture of the new walls and desk!

 My journaling and weekly review.

Oh! And on Sunday, as I felt so horrible and laid around, I did decide to "design" our new office...and the kids tv room. Here is the "blueprint" that I included with an insert! The back has the tv room design! 

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