Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catching up with pictures

Okay, so I got my camera and did a catch up with pictures! Enjoy!

Here is my messy office, then pics after organized. Plus H reading to M one night before bed.

Jan 15-21 (we went to Texas, had a flat when we got home, then H on his field trip)

This past week. (On Sunday, I found my pot lid holder from my friend Milner. SO Excited about that!)

{day 28 out of 365}

I can't believe I haven't posted all week. I hope I can remember what all happened, or at least just one thing from each day!! I have pictures, but my camera is in my purse. I'll catch up another time.

Day 23 Jan 23{2010} When we woke up this morning, it was snowing. The kids got dressed and went out side to make snowballs with the snowball makers/slingers they got from Santa. Saturday is supposed to be Heath's day to take the kids to ski school up in Santa Fe, but he had to work; therefore, I took them. It took forever to get to the mountain b/c of the traffic. They'd had tons of snow and everyone wanted a taste of the fresh powder I guess! LOL! So, the kids went to ski school, and me? I don't ski. nope. hate it. i'm really bad. I turned around went back down the Ten Thousand Waves Spa! ha ha! I had a girls' day out. I had a private bath, herbal wrap, massage, and a salt glow. Amazing I'm telling you!
On the way back up the mountain, i picked up a couple of hitchhikers. I know, that was dangerous, but they were just snowboarders that went on an out of bounds trail and ended up not near a ski lift. It was fun, they were super nice on the 15 minute drive back to the ski mountain! I wouldn't do this except for skiers, i promise!
We got back home, met Heath for dinner, and promptly all crawled into bed and watched tv till we fell asleep. Okay, the kids slept on the floor and Heath worked, but we watched tv till we crashed.

Day 24 Jan 24 {2010} Nothing. I did nothing. Okay, not true, but I stayed in my pjs all day. I did clean a little, unpacked some boxes. The kids never seem to mind staying home after a day of skiing! We just hung out, watched some football and had fun.
Then, we got a spur of the moment invite from our friends Hank and Kelly. We went over for dinner and to watch the Saints/Vikings game. We had great food, good wine, and some yummy brownies for dessert. So much fun!

Day 25 Jan 25 {2010} I cleaned some more today. Seriously, i hate cleaning, but the housekeeper comes on Tuesday! I finished almost all the boxes, so I'm feeling good! And, my house is looking more and more like us since we are getting our knickknacks and art out.
It was Ladies Night Out tonight. I picked up Kelly, and we met the rest of the ladies at the Melting Pot. We got a paraffin wax (and got 50% off at a day spa if we scheduled something that night, so we did for the middle of Feb. We'll have a blast going together. I'm just so thankful God has given me such a sweet and fun friend!). Then we had dinner. There were 7 ladies there, all new to me except Kelly and Anna. I got a picture of everyone, will post later. I really enjoyed talking to them all and having a night to myself with other adults! We were out till almost midnight! he he

Day 26 Jan 26 {2010} I took H and M to school and did some designing today. I also cleaned a little on the house. I was frustrated b/c the housekeepers flaked on me! So, I got a new name from Kelly and will call her gal for later in the week or next week. Heath and I went to lunch and on a couple of errands. Then picked up the kids. I made spaghetti. H and I watch the Baylor men's basketball game play KState on tv. They lost by 2, but are playing just amazing. I'm excited to see how good they are doing! (I also think there were some bad calls, but won't go into that!)
Then, H and I watched the first half of the Chuck season premier, I know weeks late! And, i stayed up till 2 am, yes 2 am finishing up the last book of the Twilight Series. I'm so thankful I'm done! It was fine. Not the worst, not the best books ever. I'm not obsessed with either Edward or Jacob. But, I'm glad it's over and I can go on to another book.

Day 27 Jan 27 {2010} Was so tired when I woke up today. Shock I know! I didn't do much. Cleaned a bit, rearranged the tv room, stuff like that. And about noonish, started feeling bad. So, I laid on the couch all afternoon and watched HGTV in front of a fire. I got a cute picture of M playing in a sundress and umbrella...I'm thinking she doesn't realize it's actually winter. LOL!
I picked up H from his first playdate here in ABQ. He was so excited, and I was glad he'd made a friend for him. That was the hardest thing about Santa Fe, no friends outside of school. So, I know he'll make more and more as the semester goes on!
We were then on the way out to head to Lowes and REI. M was walking through the kitchen to the garage and BAM!!! She ran into the corner of the counter. (We have granite tile.) And, yes, she busted her head open for the second time! Thank God Heath was home and that he's an ER doc! He was to her in 2 leaps, holding his hand to her head trying to stop the bleeding. I was worried we were going straight to the hospital, but head wounds always bleed pretty bad. It ended up only as a puncture and wasn't too deep. heath had some dermabond in his bag and glued that puppy right back up. Withing about 15 minutes, M was all better. She is one tough cookie!
Last night, H and I finished up watching Chuck. It's going to be a good season.

Day 28 Jan 28 {2010} The day isn't over, but I'm posting anyway. Kids went to school, I still feel like poop--thinking strep, H woke up feeling bad but no fever. Heath is still sleeping, but asked for me to wake him up early today. It's snowing like crazy. There was a storm system that blew in last night, and I mean blew in. It blew our outside table into the pool. Anyway, we are supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow. I hope we do. I want to find a sledding hill for the kids. They love it, but maybe they'll at least get a snowball fight!
I went to the grocery store this morning, watched a little DIY network, came up with a color scheme for my next kit. Now I'm going to take a nap while M paints with her water colors. I put on a pot roast in the crockpot. I hope it's good. My mom makes an excellent one in the oven, but it was more work than I'm up for today. At least dinner will be ready and I don't have to do anything later.
I'm thinking I'll go to bed early. Maybe H and I will watch another episode of Chuck.

Friday, January 22, 2010

{day 22 of 365}

Day 20 Jan 20 {2010} Wednesday was a crazy day. Took H to school then came home to finish my LO for the Speed Scrap I was hosting! I then, hosted the scrap. Totally fun except my computer crashed right at 10 am! Totally my luck! But, all went well despite it!
On Wednesday H gets out at 12:30, so we all spent the day at home. Not sure what we did, but it wasn't much. I think i was still in my pjs until about 3. I then had to run a few errands. After I came home, we went back out to take Heath's truck to get his tire fixed. Turns out, someone slashed it! Who does that seriously!?!?! We ate McAllisters then picked up our new couch for the tv room and returned home.
Baylor played Kansas on ESPN2. They played great, almost pulling out a win over the #3 team in the nation! While watching, I took down the tree, finally. I was leaving it up until the Cowboys lost, and since they did that on Saturday, it was time! H did homework during the game too.

Day 21 Jan 21 {2010} Thursday was full! After I took the kids to school I met H's class at Explora! It's this cool science museum/children's museum. They took a little class on calidescopes. They even built one of their own. I loved meeting his classmates and some of their moms. Everyone was super friendly.
After, i grabbed lunch at Pei Wei. YUM! I love some Pad Thai. I did have to call Robyn to make sure that was what it was called though. I then picked up M from school, and we went to get Heath's new tire. They had to order it from the warehouse.
We came home, and I was able to do my very favorite thing in the world...NOT! I took the next 3 hours to pay bills. Oh I hate it. But, it's a nasty task that must be done! We then went to dinner (I'm being lazy this week with my cooking.) at a new place we've never eaten...the Flying Star cafe. It was super yummy. Then, Heath and I surveyed a few things in the new house trying to figure out what all we wanted to do/buy for the great room. It will be fun to decorate the huge room. We just need to figure out what we want to do first.

Day 22 Jan 22 {2010} After posting my new kit on my other design blog, I took H to school. I returned home to do some self promoting at a couple of sites. Then M and I ran to the bank and Staples. We live a fun life don't we? Just normal every day people. OH! I forgot, I woke up to Heath bringing us all Chick Fil A for breakfast. yum. what a sweet gesture! He quickly went to sleep after though! And, it was also snowing when I woke!
This afternoon, I cleaned out the laundry room, unpacking the last of the boxes and doing actual laundry. I measured everything too! I think I have the perfect amount of space to actually put a "mudroom locker" type thing in there so we will have places for the kids' snowboots, coats, backpacks. You know, to get them off the floor! I can't wait. I'll try to go to Lowe's in the next few days to see the options. Heath is pretty handy so maybe we can build to suit! LOL!
This evening, i ordered pizza...lazy mommy again. And, took a jacuzzi bath while reading. Love to just relax sometimes. I had a glass of champagne, awesome.
I got out to Heath watching the Hope for Haiti Now concert and telethon. We decided to give some money. We are so very blessed and want to help when we are able. And, as I called both of my kids brought money from their own piggy banks! H was broken hearted for the children, especially the orphans. He gave $10. M gave $5. I love sweet little hearts. They are awesome. I'm still watching, Heath just left for work. I'm about to head to ScrapMatters to attend a Speed Scrap. Why not, right?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{day 19 of 365}

I'm so behind! Yikes! That's okay, I'm sticking with's okay to play catch up!

Day 16 Jan 16 {2010} This was Saturday...right!?!? LOL! We woke up, hung out with my older sister, Robyn, watched ESPN--story about Brittney Griener, an awesome women's basketball player for Baylor! (I'm not sure if I spelled her name right) Anyway, then, we headed to heath's grandparents. I just love seeing "daddy's memaw and pawpaw" they are so amazing and full of wisdom! We are lucky to have them...and my grandmother too--whom we came home to! She'd just arrived to spend the day with us.
We met my Aunt Janet, cousin- Jenni, and her two kids. R is only 6 weeks older than M, and K is her sweet newborn little boy. Aaaahhh! He's adorable! I loved holding him and kissing him, and feeding him and changing him. Heath asked if this meant I wanted another one. Yeah, not so much b/c I could give him back to Jenni when he cried! LOL!
After lunch at El Con--say WOO HOO to cheese enchiladas and salsa. yum, Robyn, Jenni, H and I went to the Baylor men's basketball game. They beat Oklahoma State, we had a fabulous time just talking and cheering. Funny enough, the coach's wife that we met in Epcot at T'giving was sitting in front of us! She was so sweet and acted like she remembered us. David Wesley also sat in front of us. It was fun listening to him talk about the game since he played in the NBA for years. H was amazed that he didn't even have to concentrate on the game.
That night we just hung out, ate Uncle Dan's BBQ, and later, waited hours for the electricity to come back on at mom and dad's. We also spent some time planning a shower for my baby sister! It looks like we're headed back at Easter!

Day 17 Jan 17 {2010} We spent the morning with the family, talking and laughing! Then we got ready for the Cowboy game. How fun it was to watch with my family. I grew up as a little girl, from the time I can remember, watching the Cowboys with my dad. I can remember asking him what first downs were--that was the beginning of my love of football. Seriously, I was probably 6...and things exploded from there.
Although I was sad they lost, it happens. Heath and I got dressed for the Lady Bears basketball game. His dad was receiving a thank you award for giving cars to the program. Sam wanted H and H (nephew) to go on the court with him at halftime. So, of course, Holly and I headed down to the court for pictures. After the presentation, we got a few pics of the boys "measuring" their feet against. Epke Udoh--who is our 6'10" Center. Fun times!
H and I then got to see some friends from high school and eat dinner at their house. we had a good visit, but were SO tired! We headed back home. H spent the night with H at mom and dads. The boys spent 2 days straight together and had a great time! I ended up reading "Eclipse" all night. I think I finished at 2 am...not good when I needed to get up early!

Day 18 Jan 18 {2010} This morning, i moaned as I rolled out of bed. I didn't sleep enough, plus M tried to get into bed with Heath and I at 5 am. I'm not a good mom when I'm sleeping. This is why God blessed me with 2 babies that slept at 7 weeks!
I packed up our gear, we headed to lunch with Sam and Molly, and then we said our goodbyes to the fam. It was an awesome visit. I love weekends like this!
Our flight was relatively uneventful and easy. Heath still swore he would not fly American unless there was no other choice. He makes me laugh.
We got back home and I was in bed and asleep by 9:30. I'm fighting off a cold now.

Day 19 Jan 19 {2010} I slept for almost 11 hours. Awesome.
Took the kids to school, then started to design. I'm so far behind on my master plan for the month. I have a kit in my head that I'm dying to get out! I designed most of the morning, except for the time I took to work out! Yip, I ran this morning, even with my head cold!
Heath and I picked up M and headed to Costco and Target. Then, picked up H and went home. I've been designing since. Oh, sadly, a tire on Heath's truck was flat today. So, he's in my car until we can get it fixed...maybe that will happen tomorrow. Pretty boring around here today. I like it that way.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

{day 17 of 365}

Am I really this far behind? This is what happens when you travel, I'm just sure of it.

Day 13 Jan 13 {2010} I've continued to unpack, clean and organize my office. H only has a half day on Wednesdays so I picked him up early, and the kids watched tv all day and played/fought with one another. I told Heath I wasn't cooking, and we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. Then we went to look for a cheap couch for the tv room. We need to get the kids back there to watch tv and play b/c they wake Heath up, not good.

Day 14 Jan 14 {2010} I took H and M to school, then I went shopping. I didn't really buy much at all. I got some boxes from Target for more organizing in the office. Then, walked around every inch of Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Totally fun. I picked up the kids from school, Heath woke up, and we went to PetSmart and then to eat. After we got home, I packed to come home to Texas. We later took Heath to work and returned back to go to bed.

Day 15 Jan 15 {2010} today was our day to head home to Texas. We got to the airport on time, everything went so smoothly...until we boarded the plane. Heath has a bag that he's taken at least 8 plane trips; the bag totally fits in the overhead bin, or at least on 2-3 different airlines. Until American. We were getting on the plane and asked to measure the bag. They said it was 1/2 inch too wide. uuum, it's not, but we were trying to be compliant. But, then they wanted to charge us $40!!!! to check a bag that fits on the plane??!!?? It's outta control! I thought my husband was going to have an stroke!

Anyway, we traveled, and got here on time. It was a great afternoon saying hello to all of our families. That night, I had dinner with my BFF from high school. I totally meant to take a picture of us, but forgot, so mad at myself! After dinner, we went to watch her son's basketball game at our high school. AAhhh! I can't believe how nice the new building is! It's nicer than some college gyms! wow.

After that, came home, and chatted with my older sister and watched a movie with my mom and dad. a good day over all.

It's now time for me to pick up Heath so we can have dinner with some friends from high school/college! I'll finish the other two days later!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{day12 of 365}

Day 11 Jan 11 {2010} I woke up with a head cold today. Not ever a good start, especially to a Monday! I took H to school, then came home, wanting to go back to bed. But, I didn't. shock. I did a few things around the house while M watching Noggin aka...Nick Jr. with her dolls. (She won't call it Nick Jr. b/c she likes Noggin better. She is bitter since they changed the name!)

I got dressed so M and I could go on a couple of errands. We ate at Jason's Deli for lunch, went on a Target run, then we went and got a pedicure. Fun! I love a good pedicure, and I think I enjoyed it all the more b/c I felt so bad. After that, we went to the grocery store to grab a couple of things for dinner.
I've gotta say, I cooked a rockin' dinner! Fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, asparagus, gravy (okay, Heath did the gravy) and bread! YUM! After dinner, I went over to Kelly's. I've been invited to be a part of a "Bachelor" watching party/game. I met 4 new ABQ residents. SO FUN! Get this, 3 of them are from Texas, and one of those gals, went to Baylor too! Fun times. Sadly, I had to leave early. Heath had to be at work so I didn't get to finish watching with the girls. I did, however, come home and set my dvr to record the series. It's so cheesy, but I'll watching it anyway. fun times.

Day 12 Jan 12 {2010} I feel better today, just have a headache. I hate headaches. I even laid down this afternoon...but I'm getting ahead of myself. M had her first day of her new preschool today! She did great, not that she's ever shy! She LOVED it and can't wait to go back. One of other girls even told her mom that M was her new friend. YEAH!
In addition, I started unpacking my office. I'm totally and completely overwhelmed. I have so much stuff. I'm a digital scrapper, but I was a paper scrapper first. And, I like to mix the two. I have lots of supplies, but not near as many as I used to have! LOL! So, I'm trying to organize them all. I want things to look cute too! I bought some cute metal buckets, plus I have jars of ribbons and flowers. It'll be super awesome when finished, but the process is not fun to all. I'll post pictures when I finish. I'm sure it will be better once I get some sleep and hopefully wake up with no headache!
Dinner tonight was hamburgers, new/sweet potato melody, mushrooms, and corn. It was good, but I had a moment during cooking. I had a lid on my potato melody skillet and took it off to stir. You see, I have this nifty pot lid holder thingy that my good friend and teaching mentor, Nancy Milner gave me years ago. Her husband made one for each member our team as our Xmas present. I've used this lid holder ALOT! And, as I took the lid off, I realized I hadn't unpacked it yet. This may not make sense, but Milner passed this fall in October. She'd been battling cancer. Her funeral was the day before we flew out to Hawaii, and I couldn't make it back to Texas, which just killed me. Anyway, when I thought of that lid holder, I thought of my sweet and generous friend, and my heart broke a little bit. I think of her so often when I cook--because of that--and realized tonight that I miss her. So my picture of the day is my lid, with no holder. But, I will find it and I'll take another picture. Milner, I know you are up there, just know that I love you!

Monday, January 11, 2010

{day10 of 365}

It's actually Monday morning, but since I don't really know what is happening today, I'll wait for telling about today. I did wake up with a cold this morning and am not feeling well. I'm hoping to go back to bed, but I doubt it will happen! LOL!

Day 9 Jan 9 {2010} Heath and the kids headed for the slopes before I got out of bed this morning. WOO HOO! I woke up about 9, which is a reasonable hour! I turned on the tv to listen to a little music while I worked in M's room. My goal for the day? Finish cleaning her room. Here is the before! (the after is Day 10's picture)
Seriously, I worked for HOURS, but it finally got cleaned/organized. I've gotta give you some background. I'm the worst housekeeper ever. It goes against every natural fiber to clean. I hate hate hate it. hate it. Anyway, I have to be organized in my house to keep it clean. I want to buy those tubs and canvas boxes, etc, but have always been like "they are so expensive!" Until recently... I used to think $50? for an organizer of toys? But, didn't think twice of us going to dinner as a family for $50. A few weeks ago I realized my mistake. I could cook dinner for us, and then go buy the organizer! Why was I okay to go out to eat and spend our extra income on food, but not on a necessity for organizing my house. I've now changed my mindset.

So, for the rest of the day, I cleaned. I swept, did the dishes, etc. Saturday night, we had Hank and Kelly (and their boys) over to watch the Cowboys!! WOO HOO! How fun was that game (not for my friend Kevin), but I loved it! We had chili, salad, queso, and I made "crack." Crack is what we call these saltine/toffee/chocolate candy things. YuM! It's addicting...thus the name of crack.

Here is my pic. H in his Felix Jones jersey, me in my Demarcus Ware. SO FUN!

Day 10 Jan 10 {2010} I did little today. Heath worked noon to midnight. I spent the day in my pjs, in my office taking an online Jessica Sprague class on Adobe Illustrator. I've planned a new kit I hope to release this week, but it's looking like next week. I also watched football. The kids watched tv and played with toys/DSi, etc. We were a lively bunch! All of us expended too much energy the day before. Now, H and I did spend 2 hours on homeowork for him., yikes! And, as I put M to bed last night, we cleaned her room. I was happy that the organization lasted an entire 24 hour period. So, I took pictures:

I'll be back later today or tomorrow!

Friday, January 8, 2010

{day 8 of 365}

TGIF! Hope everyone had a good Friday!

So, I wanted to show everyone my first P365 page. (I'm missing a picture from a day or two, but no worries. I'm making this my own. Not worried about "rules" on this. I always tell my mom, well...that's a stupid rule, I'm not following it. Yeah, not a great attitude to have, but it's who I am.)

Day 8 Jan 8 {2010} Today was a normal day. M and I visited two possible PreK's for her. We decided on the second. Even though I wanted an every day program, I decided on a T/Th program. I think it suits her personality just great. It's only until May b/c in the fall she'll start Kindergarten! AAHHH! I can't believe she's almost five. I was thinking just today, talking to the director of one of the preschools, about being pregnant with her when we lived in NYC. I'd ride the subway to and from work and get so mad when I'd get shoved out of the way by a man so he could sit down. Oh, man that made me mad. I digress.

Heath didn't work tonight, so we ended up running around from about 1 till 8. We started off looking for a pair of skis he could demo tomorrow, but no luck. Then ended up eating Olive Garden for dinner, going to Borders for a Beatles CD and magazines. Then, the last stop was "World Market." Neither of us had ever been, but I'd heard it was super cool. We loved it. Heath found some wine--shocker--and this COOL table. He turned it into his bedside table, as his was recycled to a living room side table! Now it's time to send the kids to bed (they have ski school tomorrow) and rent a movie from pay per view! Maybe we'll do a chick flick? I doubt it! LOL!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

{day 7 of 365}

First: A picture of my new coat!

Day 7 Jan 7 {2010} Some days are better than others...and today was a "better" day! H went to his first day at his new school. Best part: He got in my car after school, and he was PUMPED! He said it was a great day, and he made new friends. That made my day Great!

H being at school means that M was at home with me. It's just so much easier being a mom with only one home at a time! LOL! She was so great, played by herself, although for some reason, decided to drag toys into the kitchen. After lunch at Chick Fil A, we headed to my favorite place, Target! We shopped and shopped. Lots of FUN!

After that, I tackled her room. OMGoodness, maybe I should say, it tackled me! LOL! Here is the picture of it tonight. I rearranged b/c I didn't like how it was before. And, organized the toys that were in there, sort of! There are a few more boxes to unpack, but I'm confident I'll finish tomorrow! Pray for me.

Tonight, we watch the Nat'l Championship game. Anyone who knows me knows I don't like U of Texas. I taught my nephew at 2 to call them "ugly orange" and my daughter will answer the following questions: Who do we love? "The Cowboys" Who do we hate? "The Eagles" (I taught her that)...and now she adds "And UGLY ORANGE!" LOL! It's funny. But, I've also lived out of the country and in NYC, and Arkansas. And, when you live those places, sometimes the closest thing you have to home is...the ugly orange. So, we rooted for them, but mostly Colt McCoy. He's a good guy. I like him ALOT! So sad he got hurt. If he hadn't, he'd have ripped Bama's defense from one end of the field to the other. But, since I'm not a true fan, I'm not heart broken.

Now I'm here blogging. And, I'm about to finish my LO for this week so I can show off my new product tomorrow! g'night!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{day 6 of 365}

Today is January 6 {2010}. It is the sixth day of this new year, and just today, I decided to commence a new blog. You see, I have a blog already, a blog that shows my designs for the shop I sell in ( and events in my life also. But, I wanted this blog to be something different.

I have the goal this year to record my every day life. I've joined a little group of people that are participating in Project 365. What is that? Well, we are recording our every day lives through a picture a day for 365 days. I may not be able to do that, not every day. I'm not unrealistic about it, but the desire is still there. I am, however, trying to group it by weeks. I guess we could call it Project 52, with some details for each day! LOL!

So today is Day 6, but I feel as though I need to catch up with Days 1-5.

Day 1 Jan. 1 {2010} A New Year and a new decade! We are spending it with my in laws in Crested Butte, CO--one of my favorite places in the world.
Do you know what we did? The little Nays, H and M, they woke up, ate their favorite breakfast at the cabin--pancakes--and went on their merry little way to ski lessons. Heath went skiing also. Me? you ask? I took a pain pill (I fell on the ice yesterday.) and slept on the fabulous red chenille couch. Yip, it knocked me out, which I totally needed b/c my body was hurting bad! After skiing, the family went to eat at the Wooden Nickel. YUM! This is our regular place to eat when we come to CB. We love it! (Oh, and M fell asleep in the corner of the booth, just like her daddy did when he was her age. too cute.)

Day 2 Jan 2 {2010} Kids, they are back at ski school. Heath and Sam went skiing also. M hasn't moved up a level because she won't "pizza" all the way down the hill. She says it's boring. awesome. H is doing "tree runs"...he's a better skier than his mom. not hard.
I decided against the pain pills, all they make me do is sleep. Plus my back is feeling a bit better. Molly and I scrapped all day. I have a Disney trip to finish an album for. My goal for the album is hybrid. I am combining paper and digital scrapping. I also watched College Bowl games all day. I love football.

Day 3 Jan 3 {2010} My Cowboys played today. Seriously, I was so nervous...why do I get this way! But, I woke up, and I wanted to shower, but the hot water/heater was out at the cabin. So, I waited for the plumber while Sam and Molly went to church and Heath took the kids to ski school. Finally, hot water was back. I took a shower and put on my beloved DeMarcus Ware jersey. YEAH! I had to listen to the game b/c the Denver station didn't show it! WHAT! The Cowboys rocked.
Heath got the kids from school. M went up the Peachtree lift and moved to a level 3! All is good tonight! We got a babysitter and the adults went to eat at the Gourmet Noodle. YUM! I had my fav: Veal Picatta, and we discovered the bestest cake ever...Italian Cream Cake. Molly and I made Heath buy an extra piece to eat at home!

Day 4 Jan 4 {2010} Molly and I took the kids to ski school and then went shopping. I am looking for a brown down jacket. didn't find one. Then, we ate with Sam and Heath. After lunch, I went to the spa and got a massage...big mistake. Now hurting worse than before, but it will be better in the long run! M went to level 4! She rode Red Lady and skied a green! She's now also better than me. he he. H skied with Heath and his parents. He's doing great too! M fell asleep on the couch at 6, never woke up.

Day 5 Jan 5 {2010} We drove home today to Albuquerque. When we got here, we went straight to H's new school to register him. Ordered Papa John's for supper. I'm lazy. I watched the Fiesta Bowl while I designed, then read some of my book and headed to bed. Heath had to work.

Day 6 Jan 6 {2010} I slept till 9:30! Are you kidding. I love my kids. They totally let me sleep! They rock! We got dressed and went to the movies. Alvin and the Chipmunks sucked! I counted the minutes till it was over. But, the kids enjoyed and I guess that's why I really went! After, we went shopping....where I found my new Brown Down Parka! I got it on sale at Eddie Bauer! WOO HOO! (I'm going to take a picture of it later!)
Overall, the day ended up being trying for me. M did the opposite of what I asked all day. I probably over-reacted, but what do you do. She was much better after her nap. H was great all day. He only had one moment when he thought I didn't get him enough to eat at Panda Express. He apologized! LOL!
Heath works again tonight. Wish he didn't, but that's his job. I'm thankful he has one, so I can't complain really. God has blessed us very much.