Friday, January 22, 2010

{day 22 of 365}

Day 20 Jan 20 {2010} Wednesday was a crazy day. Took H to school then came home to finish my LO for the Speed Scrap I was hosting! I then, hosted the scrap. Totally fun except my computer crashed right at 10 am! Totally my luck! But, all went well despite it!
On Wednesday H gets out at 12:30, so we all spent the day at home. Not sure what we did, but it wasn't much. I think i was still in my pjs until about 3. I then had to run a few errands. After I came home, we went back out to take Heath's truck to get his tire fixed. Turns out, someone slashed it! Who does that seriously!?!?! We ate McAllisters then picked up our new couch for the tv room and returned home.
Baylor played Kansas on ESPN2. They played great, almost pulling out a win over the #3 team in the nation! While watching, I took down the tree, finally. I was leaving it up until the Cowboys lost, and since they did that on Saturday, it was time! H did homework during the game too.

Day 21 Jan 21 {2010} Thursday was full! After I took the kids to school I met H's class at Explora! It's this cool science museum/children's museum. They took a little class on calidescopes. They even built one of their own. I loved meeting his classmates and some of their moms. Everyone was super friendly.
After, i grabbed lunch at Pei Wei. YUM! I love some Pad Thai. I did have to call Robyn to make sure that was what it was called though. I then picked up M from school, and we went to get Heath's new tire. They had to order it from the warehouse.
We came home, and I was able to do my very favorite thing in the world...NOT! I took the next 3 hours to pay bills. Oh I hate it. But, it's a nasty task that must be done! We then went to dinner (I'm being lazy this week with my cooking.) at a new place we've never eaten...the Flying Star cafe. It was super yummy. Then, Heath and I surveyed a few things in the new house trying to figure out what all we wanted to do/buy for the great room. It will be fun to decorate the huge room. We just need to figure out what we want to do first.

Day 22 Jan 22 {2010} After posting my new kit on my other design blog, I took H to school. I returned home to do some self promoting at a couple of sites. Then M and I ran to the bank and Staples. We live a fun life don't we? Just normal every day people. OH! I forgot, I woke up to Heath bringing us all Chick Fil A for breakfast. yum. what a sweet gesture! He quickly went to sleep after though! And, it was also snowing when I woke!
This afternoon, I cleaned out the laundry room, unpacking the last of the boxes and doing actual laundry. I measured everything too! I think I have the perfect amount of space to actually put a "mudroom locker" type thing in there so we will have places for the kids' snowboots, coats, backpacks. You know, to get them off the floor! I can't wait. I'll try to go to Lowe's in the next few days to see the options. Heath is pretty handy so maybe we can build to suit! LOL!
This evening, i ordered pizza...lazy mommy again. And, took a jacuzzi bath while reading. Love to just relax sometimes. I had a glass of champagne, awesome.
I got out to Heath watching the Hope for Haiti Now concert and telethon. We decided to give some money. We are so very blessed and want to help when we are able. And, as I called both of my kids brought money from their own piggy banks! H was broken hearted for the children, especially the orphans. He gave $10. M gave $5. I love sweet little hearts. They are awesome. I'm still watching, Heath just left for work. I'm about to head to ScrapMatters to attend a Speed Scrap. Why not, right?

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