Monday, January 11, 2010

{day10 of 365}

It's actually Monday morning, but since I don't really know what is happening today, I'll wait for telling about today. I did wake up with a cold this morning and am not feeling well. I'm hoping to go back to bed, but I doubt it will happen! LOL!

Day 9 Jan 9 {2010} Heath and the kids headed for the slopes before I got out of bed this morning. WOO HOO! I woke up about 9, which is a reasonable hour! I turned on the tv to listen to a little music while I worked in M's room. My goal for the day? Finish cleaning her room. Here is the before! (the after is Day 10's picture)
Seriously, I worked for HOURS, but it finally got cleaned/organized. I've gotta give you some background. I'm the worst housekeeper ever. It goes against every natural fiber to clean. I hate hate hate it. hate it. Anyway, I have to be organized in my house to keep it clean. I want to buy those tubs and canvas boxes, etc, but have always been like "they are so expensive!" Until recently... I used to think $50? for an organizer of toys? But, didn't think twice of us going to dinner as a family for $50. A few weeks ago I realized my mistake. I could cook dinner for us, and then go buy the organizer! Why was I okay to go out to eat and spend our extra income on food, but not on a necessity for organizing my house. I've now changed my mindset.

So, for the rest of the day, I cleaned. I swept, did the dishes, etc. Saturday night, we had Hank and Kelly (and their boys) over to watch the Cowboys!! WOO HOO! How fun was that game (not for my friend Kevin), but I loved it! We had chili, salad, queso, and I made "crack." Crack is what we call these saltine/toffee/chocolate candy things. YuM! It's addicting...thus the name of crack.

Here is my pic. H in his Felix Jones jersey, me in my Demarcus Ware. SO FUN!

Day 10 Jan 10 {2010} I did little today. Heath worked noon to midnight. I spent the day in my pjs, in my office taking an online Jessica Sprague class on Adobe Illustrator. I've planned a new kit I hope to release this week, but it's looking like next week. I also watched football. The kids watched tv and played with toys/DSi, etc. We were a lively bunch! All of us expended too much energy the day before. Now, H and I did spend 2 hours on homeowork for him., yikes! And, as I put M to bed last night, we cleaned her room. I was happy that the organization lasted an entire 24 hour period. So, I took pictures:

I'll be back later today or tomorrow!


  1. Wow, awesome job on M's room Heather!!!

  2. What a beautiful room. Love the polka dots in the bathroom too.

  3. Hi Heather, I just jumped on your blog last night and I agree with the ladies...what a transformation in those before and after pictures. Such a cute room and I also LOVE the bathroom set! Great motivation getting all that done...can you pass some of that over here?