Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{day 19 of 365}

I'm so behind! Yikes! That's okay, I'm sticking with it...it's okay to play catch up!

Day 16 Jan 16 {2010} This was Saturday...right!?!? LOL! We woke up, hung out with my older sister, Robyn, watched ESPN--story about Brittney Griener, an awesome women's basketball player for Baylor! (I'm not sure if I spelled her name right) Anyway, then, we headed to heath's grandparents. I just love seeing "daddy's memaw and pawpaw" they are so amazing and full of wisdom! We are lucky to have them...and my grandmother too--whom we came home to! She'd just arrived to spend the day with us.
We met my Aunt Janet, cousin- Jenni, and her two kids. R is only 6 weeks older than M, and K is her sweet newborn little boy. Aaaahhh! He's adorable! I loved holding him and kissing him, and feeding him and changing him. Heath asked if this meant I wanted another one. Yeah, not so much b/c I could give him back to Jenni when he cried! LOL!
After lunch at El Con--say WOO HOO to cheese enchiladas and salsa. yum, Robyn, Jenni, H and I went to the Baylor men's basketball game. They beat Oklahoma State, we had a fabulous time just talking and cheering. Funny enough, the coach's wife that we met in Epcot at T'giving was sitting in front of us! She was so sweet and acted like she remembered us. David Wesley also sat in front of us. It was fun listening to him talk about the game since he played in the NBA for years. H was amazed that he didn't even have to concentrate on the game.
That night we just hung out, ate Uncle Dan's BBQ, and later, waited hours for the electricity to come back on at mom and dad's. We also spent some time planning a shower for my baby sister! It looks like we're headed back at Easter!

Day 17 Jan 17 {2010} We spent the morning with the family, talking and laughing! Then we got ready for the Cowboy game. How fun it was to watch with my family. I grew up as a little girl, from the time I can remember, watching the Cowboys with my dad. I can remember asking him what first downs were--that was the beginning of my love of football. Seriously, I was probably 6...and things exploded from there.
Although I was sad they lost, it happens. Heath and I got dressed for the Lady Bears basketball game. His dad was receiving a thank you award for giving cars to the program. Sam wanted H and H (nephew) to go on the court with him at halftime. So, of course, Holly and I headed down to the court for pictures. After the presentation, we got a few pics of the boys "measuring" their feet against. Epke Udoh--who is our 6'10" Center. Fun times!
H and I then got to see some friends from high school and eat dinner at their house. we had a good visit, but were SO tired! We headed back home. H spent the night with H at mom and dads. The boys spent 2 days straight together and had a great time! I ended up reading "Eclipse" all night. I think I finished at 2 am...not good when I needed to get up early!

Day 18 Jan 18 {2010} This morning, i moaned as I rolled out of bed. I didn't sleep enough, plus M tried to get into bed with Heath and I at 5 am. I'm not a good mom when I'm sleeping. This is why God blessed me with 2 babies that slept at 7 weeks!
I packed up our gear, we headed to lunch with Sam and Molly, and then we said our goodbyes to the fam. It was an awesome visit. I love weekends like this!
Our flight was relatively uneventful and easy. Heath still swore he would not fly American unless there was no other choice. He makes me laugh.
We got back home and I was in bed and asleep by 9:30. I'm fighting off a cold now.

Day 19 Jan 19 {2010} I slept for almost 11 hours. Awesome.
Took the kids to school, then started to design. I'm so far behind on my master plan for the month. I have a kit in my head that I'm dying to get out! I designed most of the morning, except for the time I took to work out! Yip, I ran this morning, even with my head cold!
Heath and I picked up M and headed to Costco and Target. Then, picked up H and went home. I've been designing since. Oh, sadly, a tire on Heath's truck was flat today. So, he's in my car until we can get it fixed...maybe that will happen tomorrow. Pretty boring around here today. I like it that way.

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