Friday, January 8, 2010

{day 8 of 365}

TGIF! Hope everyone had a good Friday!

So, I wanted to show everyone my first P365 page. (I'm missing a picture from a day or two, but no worries. I'm making this my own. Not worried about "rules" on this. I always tell my mom, well...that's a stupid rule, I'm not following it. Yeah, not a great attitude to have, but it's who I am.)

Day 8 Jan 8 {2010} Today was a normal day. M and I visited two possible PreK's for her. We decided on the second. Even though I wanted an every day program, I decided on a T/Th program. I think it suits her personality just great. It's only until May b/c in the fall she'll start Kindergarten! AAHHH! I can't believe she's almost five. I was thinking just today, talking to the director of one of the preschools, about being pregnant with her when we lived in NYC. I'd ride the subway to and from work and get so mad when I'd get shoved out of the way by a man so he could sit down. Oh, man that made me mad. I digress.

Heath didn't work tonight, so we ended up running around from about 1 till 8. We started off looking for a pair of skis he could demo tomorrow, but no luck. Then ended up eating Olive Garden for dinner, going to Borders for a Beatles CD and magazines. Then, the last stop was "World Market." Neither of us had ever been, but I'd heard it was super cool. We loved it. Heath found some wine--shocker--and this COOL table. He turned it into his bedside table, as his was recycled to a living room side table! Now it's time to send the kids to bed (they have ski school tomorrow) and rent a movie from pay per view! Maybe we'll do a chick flick? I doubt it! LOL!

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