Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{day 6 of 365}

Today is January 6 {2010}. It is the sixth day of this new year, and just today, I decided to commence a new blog. You see, I have a blog already, a blog that shows my designs for the shop I sell in ( and events in my life also. But, I wanted this blog to be something different.

I have the goal this year to record my every day life. I've joined a little group of people that are participating in Project 365. What is that? Well, we are recording our every day lives through a picture a day for 365 days. I may not be able to do that, not every day. I'm not unrealistic about it, but the desire is still there. I am, however, trying to group it by weeks. I guess we could call it Project 52, with some details for each day! LOL!

So today is Day 6, but I feel as though I need to catch up with Days 1-5.

Day 1 Jan. 1 {2010} A New Year and a new decade! We are spending it with my in laws in Crested Butte, CO--one of my favorite places in the world.
Do you know what we did? The little Nays, H and M, they woke up, ate their favorite breakfast at the cabin--pancakes--and went on their merry little way to ski lessons. Heath went skiing also. Me? you ask? I took a pain pill (I fell on the ice yesterday.) and slept on the fabulous red chenille couch. Yip, it knocked me out, which I totally needed b/c my body was hurting bad! After skiing, the family went to eat at the Wooden Nickel. YUM! This is our regular place to eat when we come to CB. We love it! (Oh, and M fell asleep in the corner of the booth, just like her daddy did when he was her age. too cute.)

Day 2 Jan 2 {2010} Kids, they are back at ski school. Heath and Sam went skiing also. M hasn't moved up a level because she won't "pizza" all the way down the hill. She says it's boring. awesome. H is doing "tree runs"...he's a better skier than his mom. not hard.
I decided against the pain pills, all they make me do is sleep. Plus my back is feeling a bit better. Molly and I scrapped all day. I have a Disney trip to finish an album for. My goal for the album is hybrid. I am combining paper and digital scrapping. I also watched College Bowl games all day. I love football.

Day 3 Jan 3 {2010} My Cowboys played today. Seriously, I was so nervous...why do I get this way! But, I woke up, and I wanted to shower, but the hot water/heater was out at the cabin. So, I waited for the plumber while Sam and Molly went to church and Heath took the kids to ski school. Finally, hot water was back. I took a shower and put on my beloved DeMarcus Ware jersey. YEAH! I had to listen to the game b/c the Denver station didn't show it! WHAT! The Cowboys rocked.
Heath got the kids from school. M went up the Peachtree lift and moved to a level 3! All is good tonight! We got a babysitter and the adults went to eat at the Gourmet Noodle. YUM! I had my fav: Veal Picatta, and we discovered the bestest cake ever...Italian Cream Cake. Molly and I made Heath buy an extra piece to eat at home!

Day 4 Jan 4 {2010} Molly and I took the kids to ski school and then went shopping. I am looking for a brown down jacket. didn't find one. Then, we ate with Sam and Heath. After lunch, I went to the spa and got a massage...big mistake. Now hurting worse than before, but it will be better in the long run! M went to level 4! She rode Red Lady and skied a green! She's now also better than me. he he. H skied with Heath and his parents. He's doing great too! M fell asleep on the couch at 6, never woke up.

Day 5 Jan 5 {2010} We drove home today to Albuquerque. When we got here, we went straight to H's new school to register him. Ordered Papa John's for supper. I'm lazy. I watched the Fiesta Bowl while I designed, then read some of my book and headed to bed. Heath had to work.

Day 6 Jan 6 {2010} I slept till 9:30! Are you kidding. I love my kids. They totally let me sleep! They rock! We got dressed and went to the movies. Alvin and the Chipmunks sucked! I counted the minutes till it was over. But, the kids enjoyed and I guess that's why I really went! After, we went shopping....where I found my new Brown Down Parka! I got it on sale at Eddie Bauer! WOO HOO! (I'm going to take a picture of it later!)
Overall, the day ended up being trying for me. M did the opposite of what I asked all day. I probably over-reacted, but what do you do. She was much better after her nap. H was great all day. He only had one moment when he thought I didn't get him enough to eat at Panda Express. He apologized! LOL!
Heath works again tonight. Wish he didn't, but that's his job. I'm thankful he has one, so I can't complain really. God has blessed us very much.

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