Thursday, January 7, 2010

{day 7 of 365}

First: A picture of my new coat!

Day 7 Jan 7 {2010} Some days are better than others...and today was a "better" day! H went to his first day at his new school. Best part: He got in my car after school, and he was PUMPED! He said it was a great day, and he made new friends. That made my day Great!

H being at school means that M was at home with me. It's just so much easier being a mom with only one home at a time! LOL! She was so great, played by herself, although for some reason, decided to drag toys into the kitchen. After lunch at Chick Fil A, we headed to my favorite place, Target! We shopped and shopped. Lots of FUN!

After that, I tackled her room. OMGoodness, maybe I should say, it tackled me! LOL! Here is the picture of it tonight. I rearranged b/c I didn't like how it was before. And, organized the toys that were in there, sort of! There are a few more boxes to unpack, but I'm confident I'll finish tomorrow! Pray for me.

Tonight, we watch the Nat'l Championship game. Anyone who knows me knows I don't like U of Texas. I taught my nephew at 2 to call them "ugly orange" and my daughter will answer the following questions: Who do we love? "The Cowboys" Who do we hate? "The Eagles" (I taught her that)...and now she adds "And UGLY ORANGE!" LOL! It's funny. But, I've also lived out of the country and in NYC, and Arkansas. And, when you live those places, sometimes the closest thing you have to home is...the ugly orange. So, we rooted for them, but mostly Colt McCoy. He's a good guy. I like him ALOT! So sad he got hurt. If he hadn't, he'd have ripped Bama's defense from one end of the field to the other. But, since I'm not a true fan, I'm not heart broken.

Now I'm here blogging. And, I'm about to finish my LO for this week so I can show off my new product tomorrow! g'night!

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  1. I love your page and I love your attitude. It beats the I missed one day and now I have to stop!