Sunday, January 17, 2010

{day 17 of 365}

Am I really this far behind? This is what happens when you travel, I'm just sure of it.

Day 13 Jan 13 {2010} I've continued to unpack, clean and organize my office. H only has a half day on Wednesdays so I picked him up early, and the kids watched tv all day and played/fought with one another. I told Heath I wasn't cooking, and we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. Then we went to look for a cheap couch for the tv room. We need to get the kids back there to watch tv and play b/c they wake Heath up, not good.

Day 14 Jan 14 {2010} I took H and M to school, then I went shopping. I didn't really buy much at all. I got some boxes from Target for more organizing in the office. Then, walked around every inch of Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Totally fun. I picked up the kids from school, Heath woke up, and we went to PetSmart and then to eat. After we got home, I packed to come home to Texas. We later took Heath to work and returned back to go to bed.

Day 15 Jan 15 {2010} today was our day to head home to Texas. We got to the airport on time, everything went so smoothly...until we boarded the plane. Heath has a bag that he's taken at least 8 plane trips; the bag totally fits in the overhead bin, or at least on 2-3 different airlines. Until American. We were getting on the plane and asked to measure the bag. They said it was 1/2 inch too wide. uuum, it's not, but we were trying to be compliant. But, then they wanted to charge us $40!!!! to check a bag that fits on the plane??!!?? It's outta control! I thought my husband was going to have an stroke!

Anyway, we traveled, and got here on time. It was a great afternoon saying hello to all of our families. That night, I had dinner with my BFF from high school. I totally meant to take a picture of us, but forgot, so mad at myself! After dinner, we went to watch her son's basketball game at our high school. AAhhh! I can't believe how nice the new building is! It's nicer than some college gyms! wow.

After that, came home, and chatted with my older sister and watched a movie with my mom and dad. a good day over all.

It's now time for me to pick up Heath so we can have dinner with some friends from high school/college! I'll finish the other two days later!

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