Thursday, January 28, 2010

{day 28 out of 365}

I can't believe I haven't posted all week. I hope I can remember what all happened, or at least just one thing from each day!! I have pictures, but my camera is in my purse. I'll catch up another time.

Day 23 Jan 23{2010} When we woke up this morning, it was snowing. The kids got dressed and went out side to make snowballs with the snowball makers/slingers they got from Santa. Saturday is supposed to be Heath's day to take the kids to ski school up in Santa Fe, but he had to work; therefore, I took them. It took forever to get to the mountain b/c of the traffic. They'd had tons of snow and everyone wanted a taste of the fresh powder I guess! LOL! So, the kids went to ski school, and me? I don't ski. nope. hate it. i'm really bad. I turned around went back down the Ten Thousand Waves Spa! ha ha! I had a girls' day out. I had a private bath, herbal wrap, massage, and a salt glow. Amazing I'm telling you!
On the way back up the mountain, i picked up a couple of hitchhikers. I know, that was dangerous, but they were just snowboarders that went on an out of bounds trail and ended up not near a ski lift. It was fun, they were super nice on the 15 minute drive back to the ski mountain! I wouldn't do this except for skiers, i promise!
We got back home, met Heath for dinner, and promptly all crawled into bed and watched tv till we fell asleep. Okay, the kids slept on the floor and Heath worked, but we watched tv till we crashed.

Day 24 Jan 24 {2010} Nothing. I did nothing. Okay, not true, but I stayed in my pjs all day. I did clean a little, unpacked some boxes. The kids never seem to mind staying home after a day of skiing! We just hung out, watched some football and had fun.
Then, we got a spur of the moment invite from our friends Hank and Kelly. We went over for dinner and to watch the Saints/Vikings game. We had great food, good wine, and some yummy brownies for dessert. So much fun!

Day 25 Jan 25 {2010} I cleaned some more today. Seriously, i hate cleaning, but the housekeeper comes on Tuesday! I finished almost all the boxes, so I'm feeling good! And, my house is looking more and more like us since we are getting our knickknacks and art out.
It was Ladies Night Out tonight. I picked up Kelly, and we met the rest of the ladies at the Melting Pot. We got a paraffin wax (and got 50% off at a day spa if we scheduled something that night, so we did for the middle of Feb. We'll have a blast going together. I'm just so thankful God has given me such a sweet and fun friend!). Then we had dinner. There were 7 ladies there, all new to me except Kelly and Anna. I got a picture of everyone, will post later. I really enjoyed talking to them all and having a night to myself with other adults! We were out till almost midnight! he he

Day 26 Jan 26 {2010} I took H and M to school and did some designing today. I also cleaned a little on the house. I was frustrated b/c the housekeepers flaked on me! So, I got a new name from Kelly and will call her gal for later in the week or next week. Heath and I went to lunch and on a couple of errands. Then picked up the kids. I made spaghetti. H and I watch the Baylor men's basketball game play KState on tv. They lost by 2, but are playing just amazing. I'm excited to see how good they are doing! (I also think there were some bad calls, but won't go into that!)
Then, H and I watched the first half of the Chuck season premier, I know weeks late! And, i stayed up till 2 am, yes 2 am finishing up the last book of the Twilight Series. I'm so thankful I'm done! It was fine. Not the worst, not the best books ever. I'm not obsessed with either Edward or Jacob. But, I'm glad it's over and I can go on to another book.

Day 27 Jan 27 {2010} Was so tired when I woke up today. Shock I know! I didn't do much. Cleaned a bit, rearranged the tv room, stuff like that. And about noonish, started feeling bad. So, I laid on the couch all afternoon and watched HGTV in front of a fire. I got a cute picture of M playing in a sundress and umbrella...I'm thinking she doesn't realize it's actually winter. LOL!
I picked up H from his first playdate here in ABQ. He was so excited, and I was glad he'd made a friend for him. That was the hardest thing about Santa Fe, no friends outside of school. So, I know he'll make more and more as the semester goes on!
We were then on the way out to head to Lowes and REI. M was walking through the kitchen to the garage and BAM!!! She ran into the corner of the counter. (We have granite tile.) And, yes, she busted her head open for the second time! Thank God Heath was home and that he's an ER doc! He was to her in 2 leaps, holding his hand to her head trying to stop the bleeding. I was worried we were going straight to the hospital, but head wounds always bleed pretty bad. It ended up only as a puncture and wasn't too deep. heath had some dermabond in his bag and glued that puppy right back up. Withing about 15 minutes, M was all better. She is one tough cookie!
Last night, H and I finished up watching Chuck. It's going to be a good season.

Day 28 Jan 28 {2010} The day isn't over, but I'm posting anyway. Kids went to school, I still feel like poop--thinking strep, H woke up feeling bad but no fever. Heath is still sleeping, but asked for me to wake him up early today. It's snowing like crazy. There was a storm system that blew in last night, and I mean blew in. It blew our outside table into the pool. Anyway, we are supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow. I hope we do. I want to find a sledding hill for the kids. They love it, but maybe they'll at least get a snowball fight!
I went to the grocery store this morning, watched a little DIY network, came up with a color scheme for my next kit. Now I'm going to take a nap while M paints with her water colors. I put on a pot roast in the crockpot. I hope it's good. My mom makes an excellent one in the oven, but it was more work than I'm up for today. At least dinner will be ready and I don't have to do anything later.
I'm thinking I'll go to bed early. Maybe H and I will watch another episode of Chuck.

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