Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Life: Set Up/Organization

Hello world! 
Heath and I have been working all week on our new office. We share an office, and about 2 months ago I decided we didn't have enough room and something had to change. On one side of our house was our office and the kids' tv/play room. Last month, I decided that we needed to switch the rooms. The kids' room was a bit bigger than ours and we needed more room than they did. 

Heath's schedule worked out this week that he was off Mon-Fri, and we took this time to tackle the "switch."  But, of course, I added something to the mix. We were going to do it right...paint, build a craft table, etc. We are almost finished at this point, still working on the desk/office stuff right now. Next week, I'll tackle getting the kids' new tv room set up. I'll also share both of those at a later date. 
All of that to of the first things I decided I wanted in our office was a Project Life space...a space specifically set aside for PL all the time! And, I got it! YAY! 

We took the doors off our closet, no need for them. I needed the space! That was a lot of extra space...for Project Life! :) So, I put this fold-out table (I bought it from Wal-Mart years ago) in the closet space.

I had some space to the left and decided on these pull out drawers to hold some page protectors and other every day supplies. I also have a plastic storage bin under with all my PL page protectors (extras) and 12x12 paper, etc. Oh, and my sewing machine. (I'd like to find a permanent space for it, but haven't yet.
Some closers views.

In the little green flip top box, I keep all of my pens and markers.

Here are my "extras." I bought this fun chevron printed storage container at Target. (My accent color in the office is this awesome lime/apple green.)

Here is my Making Memories tool holder. I got it a few years ago at Target on clearance. It sits on the storage drawers to the left.

And my find of the week!! I got it at Target, of course. (I'm thinking I might need a Target intervention!) Okay, back to my "find!"  It's a canvas organizer. And fits the Project Life Core Kit cards perfectly~the middle row is 4" wide .

In the outside spaces, I put stamps, office supply store finds like labels and tags, my date and letter stamps, tape, post it notes, etc!

Here is my work area up close again!

I'm so excited about my new space! I love having everything in one place, but not out in the middle of the house! 


  1. Love it! A little jealous:) i may end up with all of it right next to my bed :) we will see!?!?

  2. Wow, you all need to know she has a TON of room while.... I get a space. Lets see pics of my space :)