Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{day 74 of 365}

Day 74 March 16 {2010} Happy Birthday to my March Mad-y-ness!!! (She was born the day before the NCAA tourney began, I still played my bracket, and we watched it in the hospital and at home! My friends nicknamed her March Mad-y-ness!) I am in shock she's five, but she is so excited! M gets this from me and my family...the love of a birthday. She was told not to screech this morning and make noises and responded, "Mom, I'm the birthday girl. It's my day; I can do whatever I want!" yeah, that's from my side of the family! I sang "Happy Birthday" to her first thing, when just the two of us were up. She beamed at me...made me tear up.
I made Orange Danish Rolls, with a candle. we sang to her too. Then, off to ski school, yes again!
I came home to take a nap, I slept horribly last night! jeez. Then, I participated in a Speed Scrap at Scrapmatters. Here is my page.
So, then almost immediately, I went to get the kids, and we headed over to meet Heath at the Adventure Camp. They did a little bungee trampoline and tubing down the hill. fun times. It was M's special request. And, some fabulous pictures.

For Dinner, M wanted Wooden Nickel, shock. She unwrapped presents there with great enthusiasm. I think she told every single person she came in contact with today it was her birthday...also from my family! We did run into Molly (her ski instructor from last week) outside on Elk Ave. She's so sweet. Excited that I got her # for babysitting when up here this summer. M just loved her.
After, we came home to eat our Italian Cream Cake that I got from Gourmet Noodle and to watch Lost. (Okay, I also took a nap on the couch for 20 minutes before Lost.) Now both kids are sleeping, I'm doing laundry, posting, and watching David Letterman...about to watch the Good Wife.
Happy Birthday M!!
5 things I love about you: (since you are 5)
1. I love your smile...it not only shines through your mouth, but your eyes and entire face.
2. your persistence (I told you this at dinner in our why we love you birthday round). One day it will come in handy. Sometimes it kills me now, but keep at it, you'll succeed! And, I'll be proud!
3. Imagination: you can play with anything at anytime. I love watching you play with your dolls and animals. You rock!
4. Art skills: maybe you get this from me too...i just love how you get absorbed in your coloring and/or drawing.
5. your made up saying. I'll just cry when you stop saying "next day" or "last day" instead of tomorrow and yesterday. It's my very favorite thing you say, but I know it's coming to an end.

Until Next Day...

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