Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday {Mar 1 2010}

Here is this week's menu! I so hope you enjoyed last week's. I've had some good responses to it! LOL

Monday {3/1/10} Sirloin Kebabs With Peaches and Peppers
Tuesday {3/2/10} Lasagna
Wednesday {3/3/10} Soft Tacos
Thursday {3/4/20} Out to eat or order Pizza
Friday {3/5/10} ???? not positive, but maybe Pizza Burgers
Saturday {3/6/10} Tomato Basil Soup and Dirty Toe Salad
Sunday {3/7/10} Pork Tenderloin (same as last week. My DH wants me to make it for his parents (how embarrassing, I had the wrong link last week! But, this is the right one!!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VANESSA and TRACEY!

Dirty Toe Salad
head of romaine
slivered almonds (roasted in a pan)
parm cheese, shredded or out of bottle
Caesar dressing (not the creamy kind, you can find a vinaigrette)

mix all together (can add bacon too, but my DH doesn't like it.)

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  1. My first question was going to be "What's a Dirty Toe Salad?!?!" But you beat me to it! Thanks for the link to Pizza Burgers. I'm suppose to have burgers later this week, but I started thinking that I'm really tired of the same ole burgers. I'd never thought about changing up the flavor like that.