Sunday, February 21, 2010

{day 52 out of 365}

I'm watching the Olympics...of course, I'm watching them. that's all I stinking do! good news is kitchen has been clean for 4 days...and I've cooked at home during those times! LOL! It's easier to keep my kitchen cleaned when I can watch the Olympics while doing the dishes! ha! now back to my P365...

Day 49 Feb 18 {2010} I took the kids to school, then back home for me. I did a little catching up on the net and paying bills. that's fun huh? Then, heath and I grabbed some lunch and ran a couple of errands. I got a new cute iPhone cover. This one is soft, my others had been hard and kept breaking. Apparently i drop my phone tons!
Later that afternoon, the weather was beautiful, like 50s, that we went out back and played some baseball. H's tryouts are coming up, so Heath and H will start playing a little daily! I took advantage to clean up the backyard a little, rearranging the furniture that was left for us by the previous owner. I got excited today about Summer. We are going to spend the entire thing outside at the pool!

Later Thursday night, after I cooked Saucy Skillet Pasta (I'll post the recipe another time.), I played on the web and when reading my online friend, Krisi's blog, found some great blogs with weekly/monthly menus. I've always tried to do a weekly menu for my grocery shopping and so I don't just say, "Let's go out, I can't find anything to cook!" (More about this later!)

Day 50 Feb 19 {2010} Friday morning, I woke up early and made cinnamon toast. Looking at this picture, I might need some now...except I'm outta bread. YUM! I loved it as a little girl when mom made cinnamon toast. such a comfort food!
Friday...what did I do. Oh! A few weeks back, I'd booked a spa day with my friend Kelly. We did that Ladies Night Out...remember? So, today was our appt! I had a salt scrub and a massage...and guess how much it was? $35!!! R U kidding me? it was great. After, we got the kids and went to Chick Fil A for lunch. They played for like 2 hours! Great place for a mommy! Then on to Target for a few things before picking up H from school! Friday night, I made quiche, bacon, and biscuits for dinner, and we watched the Olympics while Heath went to work.

Day 51 Feb 20 {2010} I told Heath today that I couldn't believe it was the 20th! February is almost OVER! Anyway, Heath got home from work, and we left immediately for Santa Fe. the kids went to ski school. I dropped Heath off at a fly shop for a swap meet, and after dropping the kids off, I met him at REI. I bought a cute new pair of pants for Italy. They can be rolled up capris or long pants. They should be great! Then, we decided to shop around and found a new furniture shop near the Plaza, El Paso Import Company! And, we FOUND TONS of stuff that we fell in love with. According to HGTV's style quiz that we took long ago, I am of an eclectic style...and this purchase totally shows it. We found the coolest bench for our hall!!! Look!

It's from the 1800s in Romania. it was dowry chest! OMGoodness, awesome, and COOL! And a relatively great deal! The manager said it had been there for a while and everyone loved it, but didn't have anywhere to put it b/c it's so long. It had been waiting for us! Plus, they knocked off a couple hundred b/c it'd been there so long! I LOVE it! They deliver it this week. so I'll get it on here when it's in it's place!
We picked up the kids, and the snow was seriously falling! Pizza delivery for dinner, then heath crashed since he hadn't slept all day and I watched, you guessed it, the Olympics! About 11:30, I got super sick to my tummy and took some meds. (Which knocked me out until nearly noon today!)

Day 52 Feb 21 {2010} like I said, I slept till noon. What's up with that, but it was awesome. We all went to lunch at Pei Wei. I'm so excited my kids like Asian food, seriously! Then onto the state fairgrounds. There was a home show we wanted to go to. It wasn't great, but okay. We took H to buy a new glove, then on home. I clean a little tonight, cooked mac and cheese for supper, and then worked out. So, an elliptical machine, doesn't work too well with a healing ankle. I got through one mile, but was just in too much pain to keep going. If I can get a couple of workouts this week, that'll be good. I need to lose about 10 pounds before Italy, or at least that's my goal! I'm also wanting to do the Wii Fit this week. I wonder if that will be better for my ankle.
Tonight, I've been working on my menu. Through Krisi's blog, I found Controlling my Chaos. She has a Monthly Menu entry. I used this idea to plan my menu through then end of march! Here is my picture with my cook books and grid!

So, then I made a spread sheet in Excel (love me a spreadsheet!) I have my grid on the first worksheet, then the second is a calendar with the menu for the month. And, then, next to that, I put my weekly grocery list. So now, i have grocery lists through the end of March! I'm so excited about that! take a look!

My next post will be my Menu Plan Monday! It's the menu for the week. My goal is to start doing this every week! I'm not sure about how it works with recipe. I want to post them, but can I post recipes that are in a book? I'm worried about the copy right laws. I guess I'll try to find out! Until next time...

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  1. Ok, that cinnamon toast looks SO yummy and I absolutely LOVE your new bench! What an awesome piece of furniture to have! It's so fun finding unique treasures!