Saturday, February 27, 2010

{day 58 out of 365}

I have the goal of posting every day, but once a week is about as good as it gets! LOL!

Day 53 Feb 22 {2010} Madysen and I went to Alfred Angelo to try on flower girl dresses. But, since it didn't open until 11, we had to waste time by doing some window shopping at the other stores at ABQ Uptown: Pottery Barn, Gymboree, etc. She loves dressing up, and as I don't want to post all the dresses she tried on, this is the one that she liked the most. And, Amber & Chris agreed that if she liked it the best, then she could have it...more on that later!

I can't really remember much more about Monday. I think I designed a little, and I cooked dinner. Here Heath and Hunter were working on homework...Madysen was sitting in front of the fire dressed up like a fairy. Lovely! LOL! The Pork Tenderloin was absolutely awesome! The salsa was a bit spicy. i'll leave out the chilies and jalapenos next time, but Heath LOVED it! I've never cooked anything out of Cooking Light we didn't love!

Day 54 Feb 23 {2010} M went to school today. I came home and designed the rest of my March mini kit. I think I might have watched curling too. I'm having issues remembering everything I did! Sad. Oh well...I know for dinner I made Taco Soup. H doesn't like it, and since he didn't want to eat it all I told him he had to do the dishes for me! And, he agreed to! LOL! So, here is a picture of him doing his first load of dishes. Funny enough, I had just put the leftovers into a baggie so I could freeze it for later. As I was taking this picture, the baggie fell off the counter and totally spilled all over the floor!!! OMGoodness, just my luck. So, it motivated me to sweep and mop the great room. It looks much better!
Day 55 Feb 24 {2010} M and I went to order her dress today. She was super excited. We got it in Ivory with a pool colored sash. I even got it on sale...very nice! Today H got out early. We came home and waited for the guys to deliver our new benches! They are seriously so cool. I haven't finished putting up the art around the bench in the hall, but when i do, I'll take a picture and show everyone. SO cool! guess what else? I watched hockey. I know nothing about it, but to prove my addiction to the Olympics, I watched it. wow. Oh, I spent 2 hours cleaning M's room today. gag.

Day 56 Feb 54 {2010} I was getting my nails done today when the school called that H wasn't feeling well. I had to leave early (no polish) to go pick him up. now it's Saturday night, and I still have no polish. I'm not feeling well again. Heath thinks I might have an infection in my lymph node in my neck. I get super tired super easy and just feel puny! Thank goodness it was a crockpot meal today!
M has been really into playing with her dolls. When I put her to bed, she'd put them on the other twin in her room. They were all asleep. She told me they were exhausted b/c they'd been skiing all day. awesome.

Day 57 Feb 26 {2010} Friday finally! Heath doesn't work tonight and i don't have to cook! I scheduled today as our night out. but, I don't want to get ahead of myself. I released my new March mini kit today. Then I spent a couple of hours surfing the net, various blogs and forums. Good times. Then, I went to get our friends, Sean and Tyann, a baby gift. They had a new boy, Carter, this week. I wanted to go to a movie after, but i was just too tired. So, I went home, laid in bed, and read a book. Then, while Heath took H to the batting cages, I read and talked to my big sister.
I was so excited to go out tonight. We decided on the Melting Pot. I thought the kids would enjoy it there, but when we got there, the wait was 90 minutes. Yeah, our family doesn't wait that long for food. So, out we pulled our iPhone! I searched "restaurant" on my map app and found "the Frontier" (a restaurant Dr. and Mrs. Morrison told us to eat at). We headed toward this Albuquerque staple. It was good. We all decided to eat breakfast. They had great ambiance and good sweet rolls. After, we came home, I finished the last two chapters of my book, the kids put themselves to bed, and Heath and I watched our dvred Olympics. Good times.

Day 58 Feb 27 {2010} Heath woke up with the stomach flu, M woke up with a sore throat, and I just barely woke up! LOL! At 10, I got out of bed and took the kids to grab some breakfast. No skiing for the family today, obviously! H had baseball tryouts, he did great. Then, we came home, watched Baylor beat OU. WOO HOO! And, watched CNN, praying no tsunami would hit Hawaii. And, I've given Heath permission to move into my office, on the condition, that I get to decorate how I want. I want it visually pleasing for me! I'm awful!
Now we are eating supper and watching the Olympics! GO USA!!!

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