Sunday, August 8, 2010

I fought summer....

and summer won!

Seriously, I have lost my P365 battle this summer, but truth is, I'm not giving up!

How can I be so stinking busy that I just forget to blog and take pictures!?!? HOW!?!? Well, I am sure I am not like many of you, my kids, family, vacation, cooking, dogs, etc! What they heck.

I am one month behind on my P365 updates! I've decided that I'm okay with it. I'm not going to quit b/c I missed some things. I have lots of pictures from the past few weeks, that's not the problem. I'm trying to remember what all I've done from July 9 until Aug 8!?!?

Well, shortly after July 9....all the way till July 16....M and I were SICK! I mean like 103 degree fever, and me ending up with Strep sick. I could barely get off the couch!

July 16-July 23.....M, Heath and I flew to Little Rock, then drove to Branson to pick H up from Kanakuk. OMGoodness...can I tell you how much I LOVE that place! It's an amazing Christian Sports camp! Hunter even got honor tripper (runner up)....which means when they went on their camping trip for 2-3 days he helped the guys/counselors tons with everything! Awesome. I'm so proud of his leadership! We then went back to LR to spend time with our friends, the Phillips family. I miss them so very much. God has blessed us with their friendship and it was wonderful to spend time with them!

July 24 to Aug??? ha! heath worked, the kids and I played, shopped to get ready for school, swam, watched it rain. We just hung out at home.

then till Aug 7....we spent time with my inlaws in Crested Butte. We always go up there for Heath's birthday. I just love it! Heath and Sam went fly fishing a lot....the kids went to Camp CB where they hiked, went to the adventure park to play putt putt, climbed the rock wall, bungee jumped on the trampoline, and even picked wild strawberries. They had a great time! Molly and I just hung out. I'm so very blessed to have the mother in law I have. We enjoy eating Italian Cream Cake, scrapping, and tasting margaritas! ;)  on the way home last night, we totally got a flat tire. We were hauling a trailer with my new chair on wasn't fun at all, but we made it home safely and that is all that really matters.

Aug 8...that's today. I hosted a chat at SM. Then I did a SS at SM. It's our birthday celebration. I have also cleaned a little, ordered pizza for lunch, made the kids clean their rooms, and now blogged. ha! Hunter is about to join me in the living room to watch the Dallas Cowboys! WOOHOO! So excited that football season is starting up again!

And, I'm going to work HARD and not quit on this P365! I want to encourage others to keep going too....even if you've missed a few days! No big deal! We can do it together!

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