Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 weeks later!?!?

What have I been doing for 6 weeks (besides being a stinky blogger!)...outside of going to Texas for Baylor homecoming, being in charge of Digital Scrap Day at ScrapMatters, releasing several new kits and products, being a mom, going to NYC with my in-laws, cooking T'giving dinner, and watching football and now basketball!?!? OMGoodness!

I cannot believe it's the last month of 2010!?!?! Where has the year gone?

Well, I have started a little project for December. Altho, I'm not sure why at all, seriously!?!? But, I'm doing Daily December. I learned about it from Ali Edwards.  And, then some gals at ScrapMatters were doing it, so I jumped on board! Eeek...the good news is...I'm 1/12 of the way done...give or take 1 day!  Daily December is a record of 25 days of my house. I want to appreciate the season! There gets to be so much going makes you slow down and appreciate Christmas!?!?

So, I started yesterday by giving the kids their advent cards and reading the Christmas story together. Here is my page. {credits}

Today, Heath and I finished putting up our tree...we did most of it last night, but hadn't gotten the angel on top....which by the way, was on one of the trees at our wedding, so it's super special to me. She's so pretty! And, my page today. {credits}

I'm going to try to do my best to get this album done....which might be hard since the kiddos and i leave in 11 days to meet my family at Disney!?!? YIKES!

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