Friday, July 9, 2010

{day 190 of 365}

Day 185 July 4 {2010} We hung out, watched a couple of movies, went swimming, ate watermelon, then on to downtown Waco for the Fireworks Display!

Day 186 July 5 {2010} Robyn stayed home from work today, the kids played while we watched a movie. Oh, and we took them to ChuckECheese. Seriously, I hate that place....their food is the worst on the planet, but what they do have is a couple of hours of FUN for those kiddos! Then Robyn and I hit the mall later, had fun at the new Mac counter at the Dillards in Waco!
I went to supper with Kori and BFFs from high school. We also went to college together. Van and I were roommates our Freshman year while Kori lived 3 doors down! HOW FUN! I love these ladies and cherish the friendship that we've had all of these years! We ended the evening with a bottle of wine at Vanessa's house. I can't wait till the next time we get together!

Day 187 July 6 {2010} I took H's new lockers to Central Freight to get them shipped home. Then, mom and I went to the salvage sale they have every Tuesday. Who knew what all you could buy there! Crazy! Holly, L, M, and I went to Pei Wei for lunch. Then, L and M went swimming. We had a great time in the pool. Hung out and packed up the rest of the evening. (no pics dang it!)

Day 188 July 7 {2010} M and I are exhausted, we slept till nearly 11 am. Seriously. Then, went to eat lunch with Dad and Robyn. And, we were on our way to Dallas to catch our flight home! M was so excited to see her Daddy and dogs! That girl cracks me up. After we ate supper, I came home to the new iPhone 4 that Heath bought me! WOO HOO! I backed up my old one and tried to get my new one going, but ATT was down and I couldn't get it activated!

Day 189 July 8 {2010} I slept so wonderfully in my bed. What is it about YOUR bed that makes you sleep like a baby. aaahhhh... Then, I started getting my life back in order...checking voicemail at home, opening the mail, getting back to work on my project. Fun times. M and I went swimming. And, I got my new iPhone up and running! WOO HOO! Seriously, it's so incredibly cool. Holly and I face talked last night....the video conferencing feature ROCKS! Love it.
M has been in this mood for the past two weeks....I'm blaming it on H being at kamp, and Heath not being in TX with us....she MUST go to sleep at my side or in the same room. It's killing me. We'll break it within the next few days. But, last night....she made a pallet on my office floor and went to sleep. She's hilarious.

Day 190 July 9 {2010} I have no idea what this day holds. I'm just catching up, paying bills, organizing the garage, waiting for H's lockers to be delivered!

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