Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I lied...

My last post I promised I would do better. I lied.
I also said I'd get pictures up. I lied.
I thought once the kids got into school, I'd have so much more time to do things....I lied about that too.

Why can't I get it together? I guess it's because I'm a wife, a mommy, a designer, a scrapper, a sister, and the list goes on! 

I just can't get it together this fall, but I'm trying harder! Two weeks ago, Heath's grandmother fell and broke her hip/pelvis. We flew out to Texas to see her...we try to live a no regrets life. By Saturday night, it looked bleak. But, Sunday morning, she made a miraculous turn for the better. Memaw is still in pain, doing some rehab...she's a little spitfire though. There is no give-up in this lady's body! She's amazing, seriously. (I'm pretty sure it's because she's the middle of three girls...just like me ;)

Last week, mom and dad came to ABQ to see us for H's birthday. I can't believe he turned ten...10!!! TEN people!!! Are you kidding me? I can't be a mom to a ten year old...a kid in double digits!?!?! Okay, enough of my panic attack, please forgive.

We had a FUN party on Saturday for will hopefully come at some time or another! He had 10 kids over, and we set up a "Tailgate" party in the backyard. We had a a college football game on, little flag football, a football toss, beanbag toss, and the swimming pool was open for fun! BBQ was had by all, but the most popular thing? you'll never guess it...well, maybe...cheetos. Cheetos. gag. I can't stand them, so many better options in the chip department. But, I guess everyone but me like Cheetos!

Mom, Dad, Heath, and I also took a few trips to the casino. FUN TIMES! I might be able to either buy my new dishes or my new dining table with the winnings! It was a good weekend for us.

I so enjoy my family. I am so blessed to have been born into an amazing mom, dad, amber and robyn (and extras) are awesome. But, I married into one amazing family also! Even though Sam gets into my personal space on purpose, I still LOVE hanging out with Sam, Molly, Holly, et al!!! And, I can't say enough about Heath, H, and M....I am one lucky lady.

Guess what people? It's pouring rain...I'm thinking a nap in our amazing chair and a half might be calling my name! (i just realized I used amazing too many times today. My senior english teacher would be mortified...I do know other words for amazing...fabulous, extraordinary, fantastic, wonderful...see, I could also get more with a thesaurus, but why?!)


  1. middle children are pretty awesome if you ask me!

  2. Glad to hear Heath's mom is doing well!