Thursday, September 23, 2010

{two days in a row}

I wonder if I've blogged two days in a row since I started this blog...well maybe once.

Truth is, I'm not even sure if I have anything meaningful to share with I ever? probably not, but I'm a talker, so I usually can come up with something to talk about!

I recorded/dvr'ed 5 premier's tonight. Outta control. And, I should say, I'm not sure when I'm going to watch all of them. I have 5 other shows that I've recorded this week...i've watched one...only because my family insisted we watch "Chuck"!

I'm trying to decide, if there were only ONE show I watched per week, what would it be? used would have been Lost. But, it's over now.

This week? I think I'd have to chose "Brothers and Sisters"!! Who else watches this show? So awesome.

If there were only one show you could watch this week, what would it be?

I will say though, I'm super excited to watch Grey's, Private Practice, and the Mentalist.

H and I have been catching up on "Castle" too...anyone else watch this? I know my SIL, Holly does. She introduced me to it...H and I love a mystery show...I love watching detective shows with H; it reminds me of my childhood, watching detective shows with my mom...can you say Remington Steel? Eek!

I think I might watch too much tv. oh well, what do you do?

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