Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad Blogger!?!?

I've been a bad blogger, a very bad blogger!?!?

I have started a new blog challenge, with 15 prompts! Here is what I'll be talking about for the rest of the month...trying to post every day starting 15th! (Might be hard since I'm heading home next Wed. to be with my big sis as she has her new baby boy!)

Here are the prompts I made up!
Prompt 1: Share your latest photo that you took on my PHONE!?!?
Prompt 2: My favorite kind of {Easter} candy
Prompt 3: My favorite flower is...
Prompt 4: If I had a three day weekend, with no other obligations, I would...
Prompt 5: My favorite Spring activity is...
Prompt 6: The worst movie I've ever seen...
Prompt 7: Take a picture today and share it
Prompt 8: Today I wore______ (with or without picture)
Prompt 9: What is on my DVR list. (If you don't have a DVR, netflix or what you watch regularly)
Prompt 10: When I'm frustrated, I just want/need...
Prompt 11: My favorite Disney character
Prompt 12: The last book I read...and review it if possible
Prompt 13: My signature color
Prompt 14: My go-to decoration item/color (pictures please?!?!)
Prompt 15: My favorite thing that happened this month

Would love anyone and everyone to join us! If you do, please post in the thread at SM or here in my comments! I want to read your stuff!?!? 


  1. Would love to join in!!! :) Copying your list and putting it in my calendar so I can remind myself. LOL!!!!!!!

  2. i would love to join you. actually... in your SM forum, I saw your 30 day challenge and i really really wanted to join.but since i don't have an account in SM, i just did it alone saying that i saw it on your forum post. sorry for not telling here 'coz you're already done with it...

    but now i'd like to ask for permission to join in properly if that's ok with you...

    cheers and God bless.

    Diary Of The Forgotten Princess

  3. Of course it's okay!?!? You can still do the 30 day challenge if you want to! And, come join us at SM, not hard to get an account!?!?