Friday, October 14, 2011

I have a goal...

It's to actually blog!

First, I want to blog the trip I just got back from. I went with my mother-in-law, Molly, and sister-in-law, Holly to Italy. We went on a ScrapMap tour of Tuscany with the fabulous Ali Edwards. It was amazing. So....I have a goal of blogging some of my photos.

Second, I am SO ready for my bathroom remodel to be finished! We are so close I can taste it. I want to show you guys pictures of the remodel.  Here is the first photo to show you...We got a new door to our bathroom. If you look, there is an archway that leads to our bathroom. Since Heath works nights, he really needs to room darker so that he can sleep longer and better.
Anyway, I found this door on Pintrest MONTHS ago and knew it could be perfect for our archway issue!

Cool huh? So, we found a door-maker who would make the door to our dimensions (which are LARGE!). Today, the contractor hung our new barn door in our room. It's not the greatest picture, and as soon as the bedroom is redecorated and the bathroom totally finished, I'll post more pictures, but I'm so excited about this. I NEEDED to share this coolness with you!!


  1. That door is totally too cool!!!! Makes me wish I had an arched doorway I could put one in! Looking forward to seeing your remodeling photos.

  2. I love it Heather/Holly. A friend of mine has all her interior doors like this. She lives on a farm and is so fitting. Great blog!!!!