Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a day...my mom's birthday!

Goodness, the past couple of weeks have gone quickly! I'm not sure what exactly happens! LOL...football, cheer, football, watching football, school, practice, shopping, scrapping, tv watching, football, oh, and BALLOON FIESTA! Love that!

How 'bout some of my favorite BF pics...

This one might be all time favorite...especially with the app I used on my iPhone4...yes, I took this with my iPHONE!!
This picture I took Tuesday morning from the Target parking lot...
This was from the first Saturday morning....right as they started taking off!
And a few other from the first Saturday (I haven't made the others web ready yet!)

We had a great time, it's one of my all time favorite things I've done seriously! Over 500 balloons...so cool....

Oh, I've had an interesting day! I might as well talk about it...
1. I forgot to take Hunter to school an hour early for Spanish class...oops.
2. I found out my baby sister (the one who got married this summer) is getting to come to Texas next weekend...while we'll be there...and later that I get to finally take pics of my little gal in her flower girl dress with AJ in her wedding dress!
3. I bought a new computer!!! I got a MacBook Pro! Her name is Fiona. She's beautiful.
4. I volunteered at school for both kids today. It was fun spending time with them at school. Totally fun and amazing how different 6 Kindergarteners and 6 4th graders are...not sure which I prefer! They were all fab!
5. Between 2pm when I left M's class and 3:40pm when I picked her up from school, she started running a fever. lovely.
6. Forgot H's snack before his Robots class...loser mommy.
7. stand still traffic on the way to pick up H from Robots class and was very very close to not getting there before Explora closed. jeez
8. I got home to put the pork tenderloin in the oven...it took twice as long to cook than the directions said. Outta control.
9. I had to pay an exuberant amount to change platforms from Windows to Mac for my Adobe Creative Suite. Not good at all.
10. THE RANGERS WON!!! So happy for a team that I've cheered for YEARS for! WOO HOO!
11. I'm about to go play with my new Photoshop 5.
12. (As in Oct 12...) My Mom's Birthday! You are amazing, even though I don't think you read my blog..you are too busy being a small business owner of the best consignment store in Waco! Awesome! I love you mom!

Later people!

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