Monday, November 14, 2011

European Escapades: San Gimignano and the winery!

Seriously, San Gimignano is my favorite Tuscan was when I went with Heath and it still is. It's beautiful! The views...OMG!!! Here is what it looked like when we got there...a bit foggy! Still so cool tho!

Wait a few pictures to see how it looked at the end of our visit!

Here is Holly, Molly, and Ali as we got off the bus.

And the COOL wall that surrounds the city.

And a picture that Poalo (Ali's travel buddy) took of us at the wall.

Once inside...we were the last of the group. (this is no surprise today, as we were in Lucca also. One man stopped us and asked if we were part of a photography tour...b/c there are too many big lenses us there!)  We stopped almost as soon as we entered the city walls b/c I spotted a cool little alcove with stairs...I wanted to stop and play with the self-timer on my camera. Here is the fun result!

Now, my favorite thing (or one of them) in SG is the World Champion Gelato place. I LOVE this one...starts with a Z and is some sort of wine gelato...(it's not Zinfandel), but way more Italian in name! LOL

My first 2 scoops...

And my last 3...YES, it was a FIVE scoop day!!! Seriously, it's SO GOOD!!!! (with 2 Z scoops and 1 pistaccio aka pistachio)

And, just a few of my other favorite pictures of the day...

a sidewalk cafe

my change and receipt for gelato

a cool little side street

my lunch (artichoke and tomato pizza)

an amazing view...with laundry!

another cool side street

 a fun set of doors

a cool archway near that door
me eating my lunch (don't ask me why this is out of order, but I can't get it back in order!)

me taking a picture of a side street...holding my painting under my arm! 

Oh, i just L.O.V.E. this little Tuscan city!! I want to go back and stay near here or HERE with my family...maybe one day...

And, here is the beautiful view ...from almost the same spot as when we got there. Now, the fog has lifted.

After SG, we traveled just a few miles to a winery--San Donato.

walking up to the winery

the group learning about the winery!

 wine...this way....I'm just sure that's what is says!

The bird next to the W.C. I used.

How cool are these wine bottles! 

the table

the food

Jim West, Molly, and I (this is his normal picture face, seriously.)

After 4 attempts, he finally smiled!

cheers with Birute, Heather, and Jamie

Statue posing...I'm the dog if you can't tell

Molly posing

Holly...the sleeping Lion

Molly...the roaring Lion!

Holly taking pictures

the big oak barrels of wine

The Canadians in the bathtub!  Love you ladies! You are so much fun!

Us, in the bathtub! (can you tell who'd had more to drink?!?!?!)
Looking out the bathroom window!

It was a good day! (that ended with a nap!)

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