Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bathroom Remodel!

I'm slow on blogging in general, but the bathroom remodel is finished!!! YAY!!!

Here are a couple of awful photos before the remodel! I have some others from when we moved in, but I think they were lost when my EHD crashed last year.

And the before of the walls in my bedroom!

How much do you just love that black and pink swirled granite tiles! I didn't realize how DARK this made the bathroom...oh and how lovely is the carpet in the bathroom!

So, we kept the exact same layout as before to save money and because the layout was good and worked for us. (We did have a budget b/c of the insurance pay out.)

Here is what we did do.....hope you like!

The new vanity area...we replaced the vanity, sinks, etc. Everything but the mirror is new! 

And the new cabinet in the wc...

New tub area...we replaced the tub, all the faucets and tile.

And the shower...we replaced tile and put in a niche for our shampoo, etc. Also replaced the faucents...Heath loves his new sprayers. I went a bit more simple!

Look how cool our tile is! So much better than that carpet!

And finally, my favorite thing we did...the DOOR!!! Remember when I talked about it here. Well, I STILL love it, probably always will. I will say, Emma (our black lab) has learned how to open the door with her nose so she can drink out of the toilet...yes, she totally does that! Doesn't your dog?

See that outlet that isn't finished on the wall? We had a niche there, but had it filled in and am currently looking for a cool sconce to go in the space over my picture.  You can't tell here, but we had our bedroom painted too. This boring color is one shade darker than the's not nearly as pink as the original color. (Plus our back wall was this sponge painted burgundy color...not my style at all!)

Well, that's it! I'm so excited that it's finally finished and I LOVE it!