Monday, November 7, 2011

European Escapades: traveling thru Italy

Sorry for the delay on my European Escapades...I believe I left you last when we got to the train station in Venice! We took the train to Florence that morning, my first ride on a European train...I wouldn't say it was fast like I've heard. I'm sure those are somewhere else. When we got to Florence, we headed over to the airport to meet the rest of the Bella Tuscany tour group! We boarded the bus and took off for the resort town of Montacatini Terme. 

It is such a neat little town...originally a resort town because of the hot springs. There are spas in town, and I need to return there so I can go to one. Didn't quite get there this trip! Here are a few pics around MT.
Here is Ali Edwards...taking pictures herself! LOL

Molly and I at the taxi tree

A bike...lots of bikes everywhere, you'll see more of them in my posts I'm sure!

The train that we were supposed to wait to pass every time the bars went down...except the bars would go down for 10 minutes before the train was we often ducked under the bars...always very cautiously. (The train moved SLOWLY too!)

And here is the Papa Smurf window was our landmark to turn left when we were walking back to the hotel. 

After the little tour Jim West took us on of MT, we went back to the hotel for our welcome dinner. 

Paolo was pouring Holly some juice....she didn't drink champagne like the rest of us!!! 

This was the beautiful view from the hotel restaurant! I love Tuscany!

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  1. There's that cute tree to the right of M. Alto :)