Monday, March 7, 2011

Favorite piece of technology

I'm not doing a good job blogging...truth is, I'm not doing a good job of doing anything I need to do regularly! My house is a WreCk! I've been trying to catch up on laundry all weekend, but am still doing load after load. Let's not even talk about my diet. Ya know, I guess I don't NEED to blog regularly, but I'd like to!

Anyway, I'm not doing a great job of blogging with the general prompts, I have the goal of doing better, but today, I've decided to blog one of my five specific prompts of the month.

My favorite piece of technology. 

Hands down? My sweet MacBook Pro-15 inch...her name is Fiona...this weekend, I found some computer bling that I bought for her in NYC in November. Pitiful really that I forgot about this cool purchase!

Here is Fiona... Please excuse her dirtiness...she's got some finger prints! They belong to every member of my family, I'm sure.

How fun is her bling? I bought this computer sticker/decor...there are several more "stickers" that I'm saving, but I loved this "Create" is my One Little Word!

My mother-in-law teases me often about how addicted I am to my computer. Seriously, I could live without my iPhone---don't get me wrong, I love Olivia too (Olivia is my iPhone--I name every piece of must love your technology if you want it to love you back.), but Fiona...she has PHOTOSHOP!??! I can run actions on my photos...Fiona has Excel...oh how I love a spreadsheet. Oh how I love my Fiona. I should write a poem about goes...seriously, this is totally spontaneous!

Oh Fiona, my love
you complete my day.

Oh Fiona, my love
you give me access to Facebook, ScrapMatters, and all things Haynay.

Oh Fiona, my love
you are the sunshine to my soul

Oh Fiona, my love
YOU make me whole.

I hope everyone has a great night! Oh, and name your technology'll love you back! ;)


  1. Wow, now I think I'm in love with Fiona. hahahaha
    Love your poem and Fiona's bling. :)