Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Moment: M's 6th Birthday

I can't believe it, but M turned 6 last week. I can't believe she's already 6 years old!?!? She was one lucky girl, she had her birthday while we were on the cruise ship! And of course, she got to wear a fun "birthday" button all day and everyone greeted her with "Happy Birthday!" Fun times!  Here are some pictures we took at dinner that night...we had a great time!

The cake:

The family

the birthday girl (with the cute headband her Aunt Holly made her)

Aren't they fun and great!?!?

Six things I love about Madysen:
1. Look at that smile...she brightens a room when she smiles and her laugh is contagious! 
2. Creativity...I can't explain how creative and artistic she is. I love watching her draw, color, scrapbook, etc.
3. She is persistent...Although, there are times it seriously bugs me, I love that she doesn't give up. Later in life, it'll be great!
4. Fashionista! Oh yes, she is...she loves fashion, even designs outfits using her Project Runway sketchbooks. It's amazing.
5. Enthusiasm...she is ethusiastic about anything she cares about! And, it's contagious.
6., she just knows she can do anything and everything she wants to do. I hope her confidence never is squashed!?!?

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  1. OK. I'm a dope. I thought it was this week and I was going to be all swanky and on time with my birthday card. :(
    Happy birthday, honey!