Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{day 138 of 365}

I've gotta tell you, I'm kind amazed I'm still doing this. Though, I don't post every day, I do keep up with things and try to get a picture daily.  I've decided to catch up with things happening since Italy, then I'll go back to Italy, or I'll get too far behind. ya know...life goes on.

Day 127 May 7 {2010}  I actually woke up pretty early. My days and nights are so weird from Italy, what do you do!?!? Robyn and I hung out today, ate Indian for lunch. (I'd never eaten it.) Then for mani/pedi, Target, and White House Black Market. Love that store. We picked up H, checked on the other two kids and went for massages. FUN!
Then, Becca came to babysit while Heath, Robyn, and I went out to eat at Pappadeaux's. I'm allergic to shellfish, but they have a great filet there, and their creamed spinach is to die for.

Day 128 May 8 {2010} H had a baseball game at 8 am. Yes, that early. kill a mom. They won. We came home to get Robyn and J ready to leave, and I took them to the airport. It was at this time, that I hit the wall. Wow. Nap ensued...a long one. I woke up, went to the grocery store, and we grilled. YUM!

Day 129 May 9 {2010} Mother's Day! My kids and hubby made me breakfast in bed! Woo Hoo! Then, we all watched Princess Bride together in our bed. Loved that. Kids left, Heath and I went back to sleep. Stinkin' jet lag! We woke, dressed, and went to Chili's for lunch. I split fajitas with H. (Can you tell I'm staying away  from Italian! LOL) Then, on to Target for lawn furniture and Lowes for flowers. (I wanted to plant flowers for MD!)
So, the entire afternoon/evening, we planted, swam, played in the backyard with the dog. Can I tell you how anxious Emma is when the kids are in the pool. She doesn't really know what to do with them and hasn't figured out the pool yet. It was a perfect day. Heath grilled steaks that night, yum!

Day 130 May 10 {2010} I can't remember much. I think Heath and I went to run a few errands, picked up M's flower girl dress for Amber's wedding. Oh, and we napped. Yes, so sad. Hunter had another game too. Heath worked. I'm boring.

Day 131 May 11 {2010} Today, I shopped. See, you think, FUN! But NO, it was not. I am shopping for a dress for my sister's wedding, in June, in Jamaica. Sounds easy huh? Nope, I tried on at least 1001 dresses and found 1. And, I'm not sure about it! I picked up M from school and went to one last shop I happened upon. There, I found two very reasonable dresses. I bought both. I want to go again one more time, but I have three possibilities. I hate dresses. I love these shoes. I didn't buy them, but am going back soon.

Day 132 May 12 {2010} M and I stayed home and did laundry today. Told you I was boring. Why can I not turn weird boring event into awesome stories like Pioneer Woman? Love her. M had a tball game. She hit her first hit off of the coach pitching! WOo Hoo! (They just started this tonight.)

Day 133 May 13 {2010}I'm having some serious back issues. I think it was the LONG airplane rides. But, I got another massage today. I'm not sure if it helped or not. Although, today, I'm better. M and I went to a playdate at Hank and Kelly's. Then, Heath and I took the kids to visit a club today. I want to start playing golf, Heath wants to start playing more tennis, plus, the kids are joining the swim team. I'm excited to meet more people here.  I made pulled pork for supper. What is my deal with taking pictures of the food we eat...I guess it's easy!

Day 134 May 14 {2010} Heath is in Taos taking a course to be a raft guide. He wants to feel confident enough with our raft to take the kids and I on the river. Fun times. M and I hung out, cleaned a little. Then, we went to Lowe's and bought some paint. We also stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour! It's been a long while! YUM!
We came home to tape off her room and move furniture. I started painting her room after we picked up H from school.

Pizza for dinner! And, a Speed Scrap at Scrapmatters! I love them. I wish I could do more!  Here is my page!

Day 135 May 15 {2010} Saturday I woke up early to paint the top half of M's room. These 12 foot ceilings are fab, but a pain in the butt to paint!

M had a game (We grabbed CFA for lunch.), then more painting, then H's game. M hit 2 more pitches! Awesome! H had a great game too! I couldn't paint more today, my back was so bad! H went to the NM high school baseball championship game with a friend. Heath grilled some yummy steak, asparagus, and potatoes! Hot tub rocks at night in the mountains.

Day 136 May 16 {2010} The kids let me sleep in. WOW! We ate Rudy's BBQ for lunch, then Cold Stone Ice Cream! And, we went swimming....COLD pool, laid out, read a book, then, back to painting. I finished it all today! And, cleaning house was on the agenda that night.

Day 137 May 17 {2010} The housekeepers came today. What a better person I am when my house is clean! I also got some mojo and finished a kit! I made mom's pot roast!

Had a good time designing today, and I even scrapped a page...here take a look!

Day 138 May 18 {2010} Wow, I've been 36 for a month. I don't feel that old. Maybe that's just not old to me anymore~! LOL  Today: kids to school, I went to the post office, ran a couple of errands like the grocery store. Then, home to grab the recycling to take to the recycling center. Fun times. Boring life. This afternoon, I designed another mini kit as a participation prize for this month's Queen of Scrap contest at SM! And beef stroganauf for supper!

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