Monday, May 24, 2010

{day 144 out of 365}

Day 139 May 19 {2010}Like many Wednesdays in my life...I did laundry and straightened the house today. I remember little else. That is sad. I'm pretty sure I started feeling bad on this day.

Day 140 May 20 {2010} M had her last day at preschool, but first...I went to the eye doctor which was fine. I've been having issues driving at night so the doctor suggested a pair of glasses, weak since I had lasiks and my vision is very good. I ordered some, they'll be super cute. Then, I went to Target, surprise! I had a good time. I love Target. THEN...on to M's school for a movie of the year and lunch with the kids. Always good to talk to the other moms.

I came home, did a few things around here...maybe M and I laid out for a few and read books. Oh yes, that is what we did. I got this cute picture of M waiting for me to come outside!

Then, H had a game...he played good, and his team won!

Day 141 May 21 {2010} After taking H to school, I had a list of things I needed to get done around the house...dishes, M's room, clean my closet, etc. I also had some too ripe banans and decided to use my new mixer I got for my birthday, so I made banana bread. It's pretty tasty too!

And, in the middle of doing that, M decided to play cute and wanted her picture taken for her Aunt Amber. She's a ham (M not Amber)

Heath got home from his guide rafting course and we all went to grab some grub at California Pizza Kitchen. YUM!

Day 142 May 22 {2010} The kids and I grabbed some Starbucks, grabbed their swim team gear from the pool, and went to H's baseball game. They won, but it was a comedy of weird errors for this pretty good team!
We came home, swam a little, cleaned a little, I had a conference call for a new freelance project, and then grabbed Whataburger for dinner. M wanted a family movie night so the three of us snuggled on the couch and watched Disney's Robin Hood! So fun. I then worked a bit and caught up on The Mentalist after they kids went to bed.

Day 143 May 23 {2010} What a full day! The kids woke up wanting to test out their new goggles, suits, and swim caps. So they swam while I drank my coffee and ate banana bread. Then H and I completed his last project of the third grade!!! We cleaned the house, and M and I went to the grocery store.

I made a yummy dinner for our friends Hank and Kelly. They were over for a watch party for Lost. SO GOOD! (Lost that is.)  But, the problem? Our news stations here decided to do a split screen with video of a fire. Really, during the SERIES FINALE of LOST!!! Here is my picture.

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