Thursday, May 27, 2010

{day 147 out of 365}

So, I found my picture from last Saturday. Here's M drawing with chalk at H's baseball games. She loves a butterfly!

Day 144 May 24 {2010} Like I said in my last post, this was my Dad's birthday!  M and I had a dr. appt for her 5 YO well child visit. She liked her new doctor, saying her shots don't hurt! LOL I think her anticipation of her shot was so traumatic that she didn't realize she got one! But, I did take her for ice cream after! We just hung out of the rest of the day, swimming a little, reading, etc. One thing that did happen, H bonked his head on the doorknob to the pantry getting a snack. It's a little bruised above his eye. Yikes. (It actually looks worse today!)

Day 145 May 25 {2010} Today was a working day for me. I've started writing the prototype for my project I'm working on. I'm still not feeling very good, and finally Heath decided to put me on some meds. Hope they help! We had pasta for dinner and just hung out till Heath went to work. We are a boring, everyday family huh!?!
M and I did run around today looking for my FIL's birthday gift today, and she requested we eat at California Pizza Kitchen. Here is her menu...I'd like you to notice the "scroll" header you see that she had to color it symmetrically? The blue and green on each side reflect each other perfectly, almost. she likes things to be balanced! It took her a while to get it this way! 

Oh, and M had made a "club" in the tv room. She spends tons of time there, alone! She wanted to sleep there tonight, but after I took this picture, she chickened out. Decided it was too far away from my bed!

Day 146 May 26 {2010} Laundry day! Only two loads today got done and neither are folded yet! We did get Heath tickets to fly back to Texas to be with his family as their arbitration hearing started on Thursday. He got someone to cover his shift. I'm not sure if you remember that they lost their Dodge dealership about this time last year. It has been a hard and trying year for all of them.
Anyway, I spent some time getting that arranged too.
Both kids had games tonight. H won his game; and they don't keep score at M's game. But, I did post on FB that M's version of baserunning is to run to a base and talk to the defender. How awesome is this pictures...showing it perfectly!

Day 147 May 27 {2010} H's End of the Year Party was today! His class had a great swim party, tons of fun. I got a sitter for M and went myself. I had a blast talking with the other moms. Love some adult interaction. Guess what else I did that was adult? Well, after I skipped out...I went to the noon showing of Sex and the City 2! ha!!! I enjoyed it...the time alone in a theater with popcorn and DP! At an ADULT show. Perfect!
I fed the kids early and started working tonight. I'm taking a break b/c I took a cool picture of the sunset tonight and wanted to post it. It's raining now, but how cool did these rain clouds make the sunset!?!? LOVE IT!

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