Monday, May 10, 2010

Italy: Day 2

Day 118 April 28 {2010} The morning started early! Jeez, this 6:45 stuff is not in my blood, luckily, we are 8 hours different, and my body has no idea what's going on! LOL!

Vatican Museums: I had no idea the treasures in the Vatican. WOW!!! Those tapestries in the hallways...Heath totally touched them-shame on him. Anyway...We were the first group in the Vatican today and were able to learn and explore almost alone! Enjoyed hearing Stefano's explanation with the museum and it's treasures.

But, MOST Importantly...the Sistine Chapel!!!! This is my dream since my jr year at let's see 14 years? 13? Anyway....are you kidding that I got to see it? OMG!!! How am I so blessed that I was able to see this masterpiece!
My feelings: overwhelmed, emotional, breath taken away, speechless. I had no words for several minutes as I was taking it all in.
The frescoes were stunning. My favorite thing? The perspective, lights and shadows. If I could, I'd go back, lie down in the center of the floor, and just look for hours...with binoculars! I have never seen anything as stunning/breathtaking and pleasing to my eye as that room. I didn't want to leave, but when I did, I felt satisfaction and accomplishment, and excitement because it was as amazing as I'd imagined. Okay, it was so much more! I never imagined it could be more. In fact, as I walked down the hall, away from the chapel, I wondered if I'll ever find another goal in my to life to experience or see. Seriously, amazing and beautiful. (Sadly, no pictures are allowed.)
As we went to St. Peter's Square, the pope was greeting the people (thus the chairs from the previous day. It was his Wednesday morning service.) He was on his pope-mobile. And, we got lucky, we were only 10 feet from him! What timing.

Okay, so I decided that I was going to take pictures with the motto: "Heather's Perspective of Italia!" So you might see some pics with a weird angle, etc., but my eye went to certain things/buildings in a certain way. I think I have captured some pretty cool pictures. And, get this...this girl from Texas, saw a monk! We don't have many monks in Texas. I love this picture! (can you see the difference in the amount of people in St. Peter's Square from yesterday. So glad we went early!)

After the Vatican, we traveled over to the Colosseum. 

The ruins were fascinating and gorgeous in a completely different way than the Sistine Chapel. So cool going to and seeing sights I've only read about or studied. So very cool.

We also toured the Forum ruins. Very cool stuff here; this is just a sampling of the photos I took.

Then a break for lunch (at a pizzariea)....

Heath had salmon/cantaloupe---he didn't like it. I had mushroom and buffalo mozzarella---yum! One thing I can't believe is all the cars and motorcycles! Seriously, i've never seen anything like it...this was the street next to the hotel...and I thought double parking in Brooklyn was bad! LOL! (how cool is this picture that Heath took...I'm in love...with both Heath and the picture!)

Afternoon...we went on an optional tour of Rome. We went to the Spanish crowded, but beautiful with the azaleas! I never knew why they were called the Spanish Steps...they were built by the French, but the Spanish Embassy to the Vatican is down the street.

Then, on to the Trevi Fountain...Heath and I both threw our coin into the fountain so we could return to Rome.  Oh, and the bottom pictures are Heath's contribution to different pictures. We climbed a wall and held on to the light pole. Fun huh!?! LOL

We then walked to the Pantheon through the downtown/historical parts of Rome. We ended up at a square with many artists, and we bought a cool painting of an archway.

Our friends Geren and Dave had recommended a restaurant--which didn't open till 8 pm--so we went shopping, to the ATM, and back to Trevi. Al Moro was very good, but we couldn't read the menu, nor the gigantic wine list! LOL! Look at it!

And here are a few pictures of us around Rome!

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  1. What amazing photos Heather! Wowzers! I'm so jealous lol ... So glad you all had a great time!