Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name

I should start off that I am ever-evolving. So, in order to tell you the meaning behind my blog name, I need to tell you the story of How I got here!?!

First, my design name is Haynay. That name came from teaching 2nd grade. I had this sweet student, William. One Spring day, he was standing in the bus line, and I was walking by. He yells at me "Hey Nay!" I turn around and say "Hey William!" He looked completely astonished, like you could push him over with a feather! "Why are you surprised?" I asked. "I've wanted to say that to you all year! I love that your names rhymes with HEY! But, I thought you'd be mad." was his response. Needless to say, he said it to me every single morning for the remainder of the school year. It stuck for so much longer than that school year--my sister-in-law, Holly, actually calls me Haynay as opposed to Heather most days of the week. I will remember him always for courage. (I did change the spelling for more continuity!)

So, my first blog was haynay...but it turned into my design blog, where I didn't really want to SHARE personal information.

Last year, 2010, I desired to start a new blog for my P365..which obviously didn't make it through the year. That blog then turned into to me just sharing personal stories and events. I've been wanting to revamp "2010 with the Nays" or "The Nays in 2010" to something different b/c it's obviously not 2010 anymore!?!?!

I left the URL the same, but changed the "title" of the blog to "Nay-sayers!" HA!?!? What would you put with's so negative and depressing of a word--not a name!?!? I decided to go with Nay-sayers to represent what I am saying to the world.

Jeez, I talk way too much!

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  1. You know I like a pun, so I love it.