Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Little Word

I decided to NOT make New Year's Resolutions this year...

What I AM doing is "One Little Word." I learned about this from Ali Edwards. She a scrappin' guru that I adore! I want to be like her. She's such the "Everyday" kinda gal! Very cool...anyway. She offers a "online class" with One Little Word too. Truthfully, I haven't decided if I will take it yet, but am leaning toward doing it.


Create? you ask...don't you create all the time. And, my answer is, sorta. I feel as though my creativity is just touching the surface! I think there is so much more out there for me to reach.

I was telling a group of friends today about it and wrote the following...but am expanding it more for you...or maybe for me!

I always create, but I want to really take it to heart! I want not only to create scrapbook stuff, but really want to create this year!

I want to create a warm home, decorated beautifully, where everyone is comfy and accepted. I want it to be a mirror to Heath and my personality. To really reflect who we are and what we love.

I want to create happiness for myself. I can only worry about my happiness, not
Heath's, not my kids', not my sisters', my parents', etc. I am responsible for mine. I believe happiness comes from within. And, I need to focus on making myself better...and there are many places for me to start!

I want to create a healthier me. I need to lose about 15-20 pounds. Don't we all!?!?! I need to start working out regularly, no matter how much I truly hate it! I am going to start cooking much more healthy for my family, etc.

I want to create memories for my kids that they will treasure always...even if it's teaching H long
division. ya know? I want them to remember the fact, I need to focus on the every day more and not so much on the BIG stuff!

I want to create photographs....really good photos. And, I want to look through my camera lens in a
different way. I want to take pictures of everyday happenings around my house, even if the house is a mess!

These are just a few things. I wanted to share with the world I guess! 

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