Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm late to the party...that's nothing new

I've been totally enjoying Adrienne's 31 Flavors Blog posts in January! Age is my baby sister's BFF from high school. So, I've known her for a while now! And, she's inspired me to...wait for it...

CREATE a better blog!?!? Ha ha!

So, the first thing I'm going to do is "30 Days!"

Here is a bit of a let's see if I can actually get this done! LOL

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name

Day 3-Your first love

Day 4-Your parents

Day 5-Your favorite recipes

Day 6-A picture of something that makes you happy

Day 7-Favorite movies

Day 8-A place you've traveled to

Day 9-A picture of your friends

Day 10-Something you're afraid of

Day 11-Favorite TV shows

Day 12-What you believe

Day 13-Goals

Day 14-A picture you love

Day 15-Bible verse

Day 16-Dream house

Day 17-Something you're looking forward to

Day 18-Something you regret

Day 19-Something you miss

Day 20-Nicknames

Day 21-Picture of yourself

Day 22-What's in your makeup bag

Day 23-Favorite vacation

Day 24-Something you've learned

Day 25-Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

Day 26-Picture of your family

Day 27-Pets

Day 28-Something that stresses you out

Day 29-3 Wishes

Day 30-a picture

Age started on Jan 1, so thus me being super behind, but I've decided I can start whenever I want! ;)  I'm starting soon, very soon....let's say Monday. (My reasoning is I have to take the kids skiing on Sat, football on Sun, so Mon. should be okay!?!? Plus maybe I'll be feeling better by then!)

So anyone want to join me? Just put your blog addy in the comments and I'll follow you too! 


  1. I'm jumping on the band wagon Heather. I just love having the prompts to get my braining thinking. I'm starting today. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yay! I can't wait to read your days! And the best part is several of those days have spawned other blog topics I have in my draft box! ***on a side not I'd love to pick your brain on blog header tips sometime soon*** :)

  3. I'm totally going to try and jump on with you! I've been thinking about starting a whole new blog and combining my personal and scrapping one. I'll give you the link when I get it done. Can't wait to read your days!

  4. I´d love to jump in here too Heather! Just have to remember to do it though... ;D

  5. I just found this today, so I started. I guess I should do two days to keep up. But I think I'm just going to settle for being a day behind. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. And I'm really "late" as I just found this today. So...yeah, I'm going to join. :D Great idea!!