Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 6-A picture of something that makes you happy

A picture? A PICTURE!?!? I'm gonna have to have more than one b/c I love pictures. I take tons of pictures and can't just pick one!?!? That's insane!

I have limited myself...I really could do so many more, but I used my Photo Cluster template and chose 7 photos! these are the first seven that I came across from the past year and thought...oh I LOVE that picture!Please note, I needed about 30 more just from the past year!

(Going from top to bottom, left to right)
1. The kids waiting on Mom and Dad's stairs to see what Santa brought them Christmas morning 2010.
2. My nephew LG at the Christmas Eve service...he wanted to collect the candles and light them all.
3. Mac eye shadow (taken my SIL Holly). I LOVE Mac. This picture makes my heart go pitter-patter.
4. Heath, H, and M skiing in Crested Butte last Spring Break. Love this picture!
5. Lucca, Italy...I loved these bikes lined up in the street.
6. M and LG at the Suspension Bridge horse sculptures in Waco. I love this photo, especially with this photo action!
7. H and M taking pics in their Rangers jersey. We did a special photo shoot after they made it to the World Series. So fun!

LG made it twice...he took some great photos for me this Christmas. Sorry to my other nieces and nephews...I probably had some, just had to limit myself! See, and now I'm feeling guilty...please refer back to #13 in Day 1!?!? LOL

And now since I'm feeling guilty, I've decided to post two of my favorite pics from each side of the family from the past year. Jeez, I'm ridiculous!

Lee family at Disney minus Heath and my BIL Jay.

Nay family at Downtown Disney minus Sam and Molly!

Until tomorrow...


  1. I agree with you Heather - it´s impossible to choose just one pic! Just look over at my blog...
    Love your collection of photos!